Chillar Party: Music Review (Amit Trivedi)

The album starts with Tayn Tayn Phiss that sounds more like a song played on Ganpati Puja due to its arrangements, but my guess is once the video is out, the song should work, and look somewhat like aali re, though with a lesser punch, of course.

Somehow the second song of the album, Aa rela hai apun, sounds like you’re listening to the first song again. It surprises all the more because in the third song…

…you meet yet another facet of Amit Trivedi. The guy not only brings Mohit Chauhan in his breezy way, he even creates some wonderful arrangements with children and various sounds that give you something new. And Mohit Chauhan rocks with Amit Trivedi as he sings Ek hi thaali ke Chatte batte.

The fourth song of the album, Ziddi Piddi, is almost like a rockish war cry and has been sung by Amit himself along with Armaan Malik, Tanmay and Gaurika. The way song is made, it may not be liked instantly, but then with the movie it should work as a perfect background.

One of the best things Amit does in the album is his work with children. In this track called Ek School banana hai, there is some wonderful use of children’s voice, and more than that their chorus. Touches of Udaan may be visible here, but the lyrics and the way children take up the song create difference.

The next track of the album is some hard rock, coming from two children again, but in some tough tone. ‘Behla do, fusla do, baalon ko sehla do, hum chup ho jayenge.. bachchon ka dard koi dard hi nahi’ are lyrics that attract you enough before you can get engaged by the music. Liked this. Do listen to the words here.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire. The song has three main elements, some simple music, the (bit-too-)witty lyrics, and the innocent voice of I suppose Gaurika Rai. Add to that the addictive kind chorus and result is the song. I don’t know how much I liked the song but definitely is not ignorable, especially the chorus.

The album ends with a little more experiment on the best of the album as Mohit comes up with a sad version of Chatte Batte, which deep down, sounds like Taare Zameen Par title song, in terms of lyrics. There is nothing really ‘sad’ about the song, but it’s slightly touchy and Mohit’s voice works perfectly with the little background music. A perfect end to the worth-a-try album with its ups (Chatte-batte, followed by ek school) and downs (probably the second sound, more for being a repeat of the first).

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  1. The first song tai tai fish is very nice,especially after watchin the video.its variant is also good. Mohit chauhan’s chatte batte is brilliant.. My personal favorite is liar liar. Beautiful lyrics,beautiful tune,a soothing innocent song. The chorus SCHOOL banana hai is another beautifully composed song. Piddi ziddi is ok. Behla do is good.may sound better after a video. Overall, refreshing music from the genius.. DO LISTEN..FOR ALL THOSE WHO APPRECIATE GOOD QUALITY MUSIC

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