Buddha Hoga Tera Baap: Music Review

After what I saw in the promos, and after knowing that the songs were sung by Amitabh, what came in the first song, Haal-e-dil, definitely surprised me. This romantic number has the first half sung by Amitabh with very little music in the background, and when the music is there in the second half, it makes the song even better. A lovely one. DO listen if you like Big B singing.

Then the title song is of course what you have heard on the TV in the promos. The rappish number is hummable but not much musical and hence not very good without the video.

After that, the Dub step version that also brings in Vishal Dadlani, is not an instantly likable thing, but then in some places the processing of the song is interesting and if you are one for technical stuff in songs, you might want to try the song once.

The last song of the album is Sunidhi’s Main Chandigarh di star, picturised on Raveena Tandon. The song, almost completely in Punjabi, has some interesting music, but much more interesting lyrics. In my opinion, if the video is good, the song may click well.

As for music, there is nothing much in the album except for the one Haal-e-dil, in which Big B sounds very musical, at least to the his fan in me. Rest of the album should be just enough to support the movie.

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  1. Haal-e-dil is highly melodious,serene and beautifully sung by the big B. The two versions of the title track are passable. The item song is racy wit some interestin lyrics..a decently interesting number.. Overall, i didnt expect what ppl call MUSIC from this album. But haal-e-dil is ..my pick.. Wow..two songs wit the same title,and both of em are superb. D other one being from murder 2

  2. Amitji:

    You excel in the song “Haal-e’dil” Even in your present age your voice is fresh as ever.On the wholethe songs are allmelodiously composed by Vishal & Shekhar.Needlesstomention of your performance- the action,riding Harley Davidson and your dialogues in those baritone voice.You are simply great. God bless.KVRaman

  3. @Kaustav
    yeah, realized that. but then it was more a remix parody than anything. and the only thought that came into my mind after listening to the song (and watching it too) that Bappi da’s pag ghunghroo still sounds peppier than many songs of today. 🙂

    but somehow, not feeling like updating what I wrote.

    Thanks anyway. for being regular and leaving the comments too.

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