Bin Bulaye Baraati: Music Review (Anand Raj Anand)

After Dev.D, Bin Bulaye Baraati is probably the first album which started with a ‘Baaja’ but the comparison ends there. Aa gaye Bin Bulaye Baraati is an average affair on a too simple but potentially addictive tune while addition of Brass band seems a good step. Still, don’t hope too high from the song. You can wait for it to reach your TV sets.

Kismat is a bit too techno by Anand Raj’s usual standards, but the good part is that the song does sound fine. Ritu Pathak seems to be doing good here in the item’ish club song. Okay.

The next, Saawan ka tha Mahina has Shaan singing a song with Gorisha that sounds something like one of the lesser songs of Pritam. The song is not bad, but then it’s so very usual, almost heard, and has hardly anything new.

In Dil ka achar, that is picturized on Shweta Tiwari, Anand Raj Anand brings Mamta Sharma to sing with him. But then more than the singing or music, it’s the words ‘dil de kya achaar dalogi’ that strike the listener. Not bad. With some good promotion on TV, the song might take off well.

And then there is Mallika Sherawat doing Shalu ke Thumkey, sung by Anupama Raag but turns out the song is not that good an item number, at least not until the visuals are there, which I haven’t really happened to get much of.

Overall, Anand Raj Anand gives a masala album this time with two ‘proper’ item numbers and rest three songs close to items. Whatever that means.

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