Shaitan: Music Review (Prashant Pillai, Ranjit Barot & others)

The opening ‘Baali‘ starts in a slightly Raavan’ish way, but the music turns such that you feel it’s all new. The music is quite techno and even gets telugu’ish in between. But the sounds are definitely used well. I suppose this one will fit people’s minds as what they are calling it, the Sound of Shaitan. Nice.

The next, Nasha, sung by composer Prashant Pillai along with Bindu Nambiar is again on the same track and continues the hazy effect that was present in the first one. But then this one has some singing as well and sounds comparatively more normal. I’m not sure how this hazy effect will sound in longer term but for now it sounds pretty interesting. Guess will sound good in longer run too.

Third song, Josh, is a composition of Amar Mohile, and while the start sounds the same as for the first two songs, the song sounds comparatively much usual-normal and not so interesting. OK.

Suraj Jagan’s Fareeda, again composed by Prashant is rocky with his usual effects coming in between. Still, there is variety to be heard. Also, the raw used of Suraj’s voice while he’s taking it long, is something new again. Also, the basic composition of ‘saansein fanaa hain fareeda’ is quite simple and sticks to mind soon. I think I’ll be loving this one soon. And I’m already liking Prashant Pillai.

The next track, O yaara, sung by Kirti Sagathia and Preeti Pillai is a Sufi plus mild rock plus added experiments number. While Kirti’s voice is really well used here, the song gets quite rock’ish towards the end. Nice one again.

Pintya is the next track that’s composed by Ranjit Barot. Chandan Shive’s song starts with all traditional/folk sound but adds good beats near the mid of 3-odd minute song. Nice if you look at it as a theme. Typical of Barot, should I say?

For the next track Zindagi, Ranjit Barot himself comes behind the microphone and sings a serious, lyrics based, quite rock’ish song. I don’t know if it’s out of respect I have for the guy, but I completely loved the song.

The next track, Suzanne sung Amy’s theme, starts as a very chorus-y, anthem-y, relaxing number. The mid of the theme goes a bit experimental, but not unconfomrting in the least, and then somewhere not too long after, Suzanne goes all heavenly in her voice. A beautiful, beautiful theme by Ranjit Barot again.

The next song of the album, Nasha rock and soul version, gets us the combination of two composers from the album as Ranjit sings it with Farhad for Prashant. Not really comparing but my guess is that this one would sound better than Prashant’s self sung first version. Likeable one again.

And then when I liked another instrumental version and checked the credits, I realized there is another composer for this one, the guy named Anupam Roy. The theme, called Retro pop Shit, gives you the slightest hint of Dev.D’s dev-chanda themes in the start but then the end came in as just beats. Not bad still.

The next, Unleashed was too much of pure rock for me to bear with. That too just the instrumental part of it. 🙂

The last track Outro is done by Prashant Pillai and he gives an OK thing this time. The sound is not too new but the arrangements again are not heard elsewhere, except the album at least.

Overall, Shaitan is Different. With a capital D, but then it’s not anything close to my forever favorite Dev.D. Mind you that one had two capital Ds. Probably that tells the difference. But jokes apart, and not forgetting Ranjit contributions to the album as well, Prashant Pillai is definitely someone to look out for and the new sound he has tried to create seems quite ‘new’ to say the least. Now how successful he gets with people is yet to be seen. For now, I declare the experiment successful.

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