Rewind: Nine Lost Memories: Music Review (Band called Nine)

Boss, Chhote Sheher ka banda hoon main, small town guy. apne rules bade clear the, dekho, bat aur batting gloves mere the. to seedhi si baat hai, captain to mujhe hi banna tha na, abe aise kyun dekh rahe ho, koi bigdail ameerzaada thode hi tha main, pocketmoney jodi thi, poore ek saal, sau rupaye mahina..

There I started listening to Neelesh Misra and then never stopped for the next one and a half hours. I don’t know if I’ll be able to write an unbiased review of this thing I have completely fell for. So you may look at this as a praise. So, continue, shall I?

Yaadon ke idiot box mein, kya kya chalta hai. Shilpa Rao’s voice not only attracts you from the first time you listen to the song, it keeps getting better as the lyrics and music, all are good. A good start, but if you’re listening for the first time, probably Neelesh Misra’s commentary would still beat Shilpa’s lovely singing and those nostalgic lyrics.

Loneliness. The theme of second commentary, Tanha logon ke sheher mein. I’d not like to say more. Do listen to it.

The second song, Maazi starts with a radio-like sound, with Suraj Jagan’s voice, but the rock’ish attempts of Suraj seem to be only supporting Shilpa as she comes in. I’d say the song sounds like a fairly successful experiment. Wonder if the song should have been named More Piya. 🙂

Adrak ki chai use bhi pasand thi, mujhe bhi. Meri kavitayen use bhi pasand thi, mujhe bhi. Need I say more. Neelesh is impressive, continuously.

Yaadon ke Idiots box mein comes in for the second time and the good thing is that you have heard the tune once and you like it all the more. More like a pop-hit with a few words that do not fit the music but fit well in the context. A lovely song, though I wonder what generation it caters to as the lyrics mostly talk of the ’70s. Good nonetheless.

Poori film bhi nahi dekhne di usne. No, I can’t divulge more than that. Listen to the man, again. This time in the song as well, as the man, Neelesh Misra makes his debut (I hope) in singing, that too with a jazz number, Roobaru. Or as much jazz I liked to hear. Soft, romantic, easy on ears.

Gusse mein hum kitne badtameez ho jaate hain, nai..‘ and ‘Ullu!‘, the two things that give the story ahead.

Shayad, comes next, with Suraj and Shilpa. This one sounds quite like a Bollywood number, the ones that are created by Vishal-Shekhar nowadays, a bit sad, and with an element of rock in them, but definitely lovely. Or probably a bit better.

May ka mahina tha. Office ke saamne, ek building mein ek aurat achar ke liye neembu sukha rahi thi, maine phone uthaya, ek number dial kiya…

Suraj Jagan next sings a nostalgic, childhood memory of ‘Aangan.’ Watch out for the words here. Love them.

Aakhir shaadi ka fixed deposit. A touching narrative. Followed by a beautifully sung rock’ish, but more than that Naina Tore.

Shayad, the next piece, is a slightly romantic one, and the following Unka Khayal is something I must congratulate Neelesh Misra for. It’s definitely not easy to even decide to sing such a song for a beginner, but Neelesh pulls the much background-less thing off. Shilpa is of course good in this one. Lovely song, no, wait, ghazal it is, right? And made a jazzy one at that. 🙂

Takleef, followed by probably the only ‘fast’ song of the album Dil Raffu Raffu, chahti karwana re, followed by aapke jaisa hi hoon comes next. Among the three, probably Shilpa’s song is the weakest, cuz the two narrations are as good as the rest of them, the last one ending just like an ideal ‘kavitta,’ ending exactly where it started. Boss, chhote sheher ka Banda hoon main..

Recommended. Buy the CD. It deserves your 150 rupees.

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