Music Review: Damaru (Isheeta Ganguly)

Bande Mataram with John Abraham has Abraham reciting Tagore’s ‘Where the mind is without fear’ and I somehow liked the recitation. Probably because the poem is something that never fails to touch me. Isheeta’s Bande Mataram is good enough as there is not much experimentation done.

Aao na is a good track and the voice as well as composition and the overall result is good.

The title track, Damaru (Acoustic), though is a bit too strange here as not only the words are too Sanskritized-Hindi, the jazzy saxophone is accompanied by street laugh of children. My guess, though, is that even with these things the song might have worked if the song had enough energy as the composition doesn’t sound bad. Even the electronika version has the same problems and didn’t appeal much to me.

Sanjhari De Bata is one song I completely loved. A completely different composition with different arrangements, one new voice and some beautiful lyrics, the song is something to listen to. But the last track, Walk Alone, which very guessably comes from Ekla chalo, doesn’t seem to be doing justice to the old number.

Overall, Damaru has a few good things but overall as an album it could be much better. Not highly recommended.

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