Murder 2: Music Review (Mithoon, Harshit Saxena, Sangeet-Siddharth)

Surprise, Surprise!

Murder 2 starts with Harshit Saxena not just singing the first song, but also composing it. Though somehow all the movies in Bhatt camp seem to have similarly arranged and even composed music, and this one, called Haal-e-dil, is no different. The song sounds a bit like Toshi’s ‘mahi’ of Jashnn. Still, the song is not a copy and sounds fine anyway.

The second song, Aa Zara, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and composed by Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur, is a different track though. The cabaret-ish song is slightly haunting and Sunidhi sounds like perfect singer for this one. Do listen to this one.

Third song, third composer. This time it’s Mithoon who sings his composition Aye Khuda with Kshitij Tarey and Saim. The six and half minute track is a different kind, even for Mithoon. The song is a slow, not too simple, but repetitive composition which gets a bit too long. But then the song slowly grows on you if you listen to it. The lyrics are of course good and the high pitched renditions (by Saim I think) add to the quality. Not an instant number, but should work okay for the patient enough.

The next song, Phir Mohabbat, is again a Mithoon composition and this time Mohd Irfan sings the wonderful composition with Arijit and Saim, and with very little in the background. I’m wondering why the song has just one version while its not only good, it’s almost as good as an unplugged version, at least in the first three fourth of the five and half minute duration of the song. Interesting, captivating.

The last original song in the album, Tujhko Bhulana, is again a composition from Haldipurs. This one is a clubbish number sung by Sangeet himself. Interestingly while the song can be irritating to your ears, the same elements may seem captivating to the mind. Interesting beats. Even though I almost hated the song as it started, I’m getting a feeling that it may click. Probably worth it. Interesting again.

As for the remixes, Aa zara reloaded gets a bit too Don-like. Though Hal-e-dil’s acoustic version is very acoustic and engaging, and very much worth listening to, especially at the beginning. Nothing special the last track, Aye Khuda Remix.

Overall, Murder 2 is an above average, would even say good album but it works only as long as you make sure you don’t compare it to Murder. As there is no Bheege honth tere here.

लेखक: Harshit

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  1. Hello happy,
    This is emraan album…
    All the songs are living type magical songs…..i can feel emraan hashmi songs….
    I’m a great of emraan hashmi songs….there are so many others too..:)
    Surely this is a best musical of 2011….will live forever in me…and his fans….

  2. @Anonymous/Mitesh

    Thanks for letting me know. Have left a comment on the website which is, of course, awaiting moderation. A common problem with all early written reviews. Before this Veer’s music review was copied by another website.

    Thanks a lot for pointing out the information again.

  3. @Mitesh

    First of all, thanks again for informing me. Yes, I checked out and there are some number of reviews that are copied completely. As is clear from the person’s response, he’s not going to remove any content. Now I’m planning to see what’s his further action and at the same time get my blog legally protected. Have got some good info on the same and with some help from a few contacts, should not be a tough or expensive procedure.

    Though, I hope the guy sticks to his word on something and at least not copy things going further.

    Thanks again,

  4. hey harshit,

    dude how can u compare hale dil with mahi…. where as da fact is mahi is a mix of da song dhoom tittle and som Nusrat Feteh Ali song….. and dude Hale Dil is not those kinds…. as far i think da groove n guitar plucking, da chorus section n da female part is very diff… its my fav frm da whole album…..

  5. guyz
    i have heard aye khuda, haal e dil and phir mohabbat.
    aye khuda has been ma favrt
    all i want to know that who sings that soft part of song aye khudaaaaa, gir gaya gir gaya in the initiation of song.
    it’s be great if u can
    plz let me know ,
    it’b best if u post on my wall (facebook) or send me a message
    coz i keep forgettin things
    my ID name on fb is Ashutosh Kumar (blueish boy picture)
    i expect harshit to reply
    dude plz i wanna know

  6. ..From Anwar(Maula Mere Maula & javeda zindegi) to Murder2… WONDERFUL Music Creation is Continued by MITHOON. And Once Again He proved Himself as a Great Musician…. His Music Speaks Why He is MITHOON…….Nothing To Say More… M!THOON ROCKZZZ…

  7. Hi!
    murder-2 album is one of best this year
    haal-e-dil by Harshit is expectional
    no offence!the high notes by saim was not satisfactory
    i don’t sing, but i felt it in heart for the song is charming and asks for more in the aforementioned lines..
    atif could have managed better with the high notes
    what do you think guys

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