Kuchh Luv Jaisa: Music Review (Pritam)

Mohit Chauhan is an addiction. You must have known it by now and the opening song Naina, or the title song you may say, is yet again proving it. No, you don’t fall in love with the simple song the first time you hear it, but two or three rounds and you know it’s getting on to you. A little confusion may be there with lyrics as Mohit does a Kailash Kher, singing some female lyrics, but the song is nonetheless lovely.

The second song Thoda sa Pyaar is a beautiful one, and Sunidhi croons this heartfelt, slow number with perfection, while Anupam Amod (Saudebazi guy) has a touched-up sound in the background, nothing too great in that, but a nice experiment. The song that reminds me of New York’s Mere sang chal zara, has two more versions later in the album, out of which Naresh Iyer’s version is definitely something to listen to.

After two lovely songs, suddenly an amateur sounding baadlon pe paon enters. Not a bad one, but the song, sung by an unknown Mannan Shah sounds a bit too fast and not too maturely treated. Though if heard repeatedly, my guess is that the song will work fine.

Nikhil D’Souza enters the next song Khwab tha, in a slow, touchy mode, but since the title of the song reads rock with it, you know where it would be going and does it go, sounding quite lovely. As the song progresses, it gets better, and by the end, you may almost be ready to listen to the song again, where Mannan’s version of Thoda sa Pyaar comes up. Not bad, but Mannan sounds amateur in this much-better-than-his-previous song. I’m not yet liking this guy from Pritam. Any Shah connections?

The next track is Raghav’s confession, the other version of Khwab, interestingly sung by Nikhil again. I am not surprised by the amount of trust Pritam is putting in the guy. Probably because I’m already a fan of the singer. A bit slower than the rock version, the song sounds kinda stable and will probably be liked more in a relaxed mood. Or probably I’ll like the rock version more always. But well sung again, definitely.

The last song is Naresh Iyer’s version of Thoda sa Pyaar where I wonder who this Shefali Ghosh is and what is Pritam trying to get her to do, but then Naresh enters and I’m bowled by the smoothness of his voice once again. One beautiful track, again.

So overall, Kucch Luv Jaisaa has just four songs among its seven tracks, but most of it is likable. Except for baadlon pe paon and to some extent Thoda sa Pyaar (Raghav’s version) I would like to keep the songs in loop for some time. That, if only I’m able to get out of that album called Rewind by Band Called Nine.

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