Ek Ladki Shabnami Jaisi: Music Review (Apoorv)

So Venus comes up with an album for a newcomer. Something that is not so commonly seen. And that was what made me look for this one. Here is a review of Apoorv’s debut album, composed by Ricky Dev and Arbind Jha.

The first song, Ek ladki hai shabnami jaisi has so very common lyrics and even music and the voice of the debutant seems a bit touched up. But the arrangements are nice and the song sounds okay from the very first time, getting better with the time. Not too good, but nice. Worth a try.

The second song Teri Palkein is again a similar kind even though this one is a much more romantic one. But somehow the voice seems touched up again. While the lyrics are good and music and arrangements, especially the tabla, are interesting, the singer is not looking too noticeable till now.

Sau Raatein which has Shilpa Rao, has Shilpa Rao only for a few instants and Apoorv takes on the song alone. The good part is that the song gives the singer some scope to prove himself, and the bad part, is that the singer doesn’t prove himself that well. Frankly, the song doesn’t seem to be coming straight out of the heart, though Apoorv’s untouched voice sounds good.

Do Pal by Apoorv and Pandit Vinod Kumar Mishra is one of the good tracks of the album. While the music is good, Apoorv seems to have left behind some inhibitions that probably were there in the last song, and his voice comes out better. Kinda interesting.

After the good song, there is this bad one, Aye Khuda Aye Khuda, where you get a fast-paced sad song and the singer seems to be trying Atif-y style or something close to it. Whatever, the song is almost nothing besides the beats it has. For some reason, the next song Hey Diva Hey Diva has more touched up voice of Apoorv singing some English-Hindi-Urdu-Sanskrit-Science mixed words on the same music. Crappy.

In the last song, Bematlab thi zindagi, Apoorv comes up with Shilpa while the target looks like to create a ‘contemporary’ song, and while the composers have been successful to some extent, the attempt hasn’t completely succeeded, and the worst part is that the singer is doesn’t seem to be doing good enough. OK one again.

Overall, Ek Ladki Shabnami Jaisi, or rather Ek Ladki Shabnmi Jaisi is barely an average album, and while some of the songs are good, the attempt at showing off the singer, if any, has failed. Still, when the album ends, you still have a breezy title song with you, besides some bits and pieces.

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