Double Dhamaal: Music Review (Anand Raj Anand)

Double Dhamaal is a short album of four original and three remixed tracks by Anand Raj Anand where he gets Mika, Sunidhi and Ritu Pathak to sing besides himself. Here is a review.

The album starts with the title song also called Chal Kudiye. The song is sung by Mika and Anand Raj Anand himself and is an okay Punjabi number. Not bad, but nothing too interesting, can say a typical Anand Raj Anand composition.

The next entry is called Oye Oye and uses the ‘oye oye’ part from Viju Shah’s Tridev number, probably without any rights because this particular part was a straight lift from Gloria Estefan’s ‘Rhythm is gonna get you’ (1987). Outside this, the song sung by Sunidhi is not a very impressive composition but the use of oye oye is good. Nothing too great again.

For the should-be item song of the album Jalebi Bai, Ritu Pathak seems to be a good choice as she’s able to deliver the right tone for the item number, but then again the composition doesn’t get to a peak. Still, not a bad one and with good promotion song could work.

The last original track of the album, Chill Maaro is a typical one of Mika number that starts with ‘Ajgar kare na chaakri panchhi kare na kaam, daas malooka keh gaye sabke daata raam.’ The song is an easy, not-too-fast beat based song that would be an instant hit if the lyrics were as good as tried. Still, the song is not bad.

Overall, the album has some ok songs and not bad songs but there is nothing too good or very high quality. Still, the music looks good enough to support a comedy and with some good promotion, most of the songs can take off too.

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