Bheja Fry 2: Music Review (Ishq Bector and Others)

Bheja Fry 2’s Bheja Fry starts from the album itself. You read the name of the first song and you know how it’s going to be. Well, here is a review.

The first song, Ishq ka Keeda, composed by Ishq Bector, and sung by Ishq bector along with Shreed D. Right from the first line, Kaat gaya ji mujhe kaat gaya, ishq da keeda mujhe kaat gaya, the song is funny and at the same time catchy. Perfect fit.

The second song’s first lines are: We go crazy tu hilaye jo kamar, We go crazy tu milaye jo nazar, ho jaye bheja fry. Who’s that monkey nautanki on the dance floor.. Catchy music again. Need I say more? Ishq Bector’s composition again, with Shree D and Apeksha Dandekar singing.

The next song, O Rahi is sung by none other than Vinay Pathak. A composition of Sneha Khanwalkar, the song is part fun and part philosphical, but nevertheless interesting with Vinay singing in his well known style. Yeah, it shows in his singing too. Do listen.

Banjaare, composed by Sagar Desai and sung by Rekha Rao, is apparently an item song and does sound like one. Didn’t find anything too new or different in the song but the music and lyrics are both fine. Run of the mill, but not bad. Well sung.

The last original song, Bura na maano ji, is literally a ‘Bheja Fry.’ Shree D almost becomes Vinay Pathak while singing and then we have Vinay’s laugh and one sentence from him too. ‘Thank you for allowing me, to fry your bheja, into a comma.’

Overall, Bheja Fry is almost as it could and should have been, and while the sounds are fun without the movie as well, they will hopefully fit well in the movie. I say yes. ‘Mind not na please!’

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  1. vinay pathak is one of the best actors of our industry.
    i have watched all of his films, and you will never get bored when he is on screen.
    bheja fry, dasvidaniya, straight, o my god, chalo dilli these are the movies you can see his best performance. he is the actor who can carry the movie on his own shoulder and make super hit without any big star cast.

    and if kunal give this rating no body is going to believe.
    i am @#$% sure this movie is a good entertaining movie. everybody can watch

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