A Strange Love Story: Music Review (Santok Singh, Ripul-Dharmesh)

The album starts with a slightly old sounding, but quite nice and likable Nede nede, sung by none other than Sukhwinder Singh. A good composition, Nede nede doesn’t have Sukhwinder singing at high pitches or something but a rather normal but nonetheless lovely rendering of the song. Try this one.

The next song, More Piya, sung by Ripul, one of the composer duo, with Momita, starts with fast, heard-them-a-hundred-times beats, which, after some time start turning into a disappointment, as there seems to be almost nothing in the song except those beats and some rendering of more piya, tore bina na laage jiya. And even when the Tabla comes into picture, the background sounds noisy. Could be much better.

Hare Jhande ke Shehzade, a Qawwali’ish number sung by Shahid Ali Khan in praise of peer Dastgeer, is a good one again, especially because it sounds not like a movie song but an authentic number. Liked it.

The album also has three instrumentals, out of which Love Theme is a nice little one even though the use of instruments is quite regular. The Beach Music, though, doesn’t sound very beachy, and the billy trance reminds me more of Crazy Frog than anything else.

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