Dharti (2011): Music Review (Jaidev Kumar)

I’m not very much into Punjabi music, but Mika’s Gaddi Modange made me watch out for Jimmy Sheirgill’s big Punjabi movie Dharti’s music. And results were not bad. Here is a review.

The album starts with Mika singing a rocking ‘asi jithe javange, gaddi modange, phir sare de saare ye signal todange‘. The song almost has the quality that RDB songs have attached to them. My guess is that the song is going to fight the top Bollywood chartbusters this year.

The thing I wanted to know was whether the second song of the album was anything close to the first, but Rabbi Shergill with Jimmy Sheirgill didn’t disappoint me. Bandiya tu is a lovely track with that well known soothing and touching effect in Rabbi’s voice, with some lovely lyrics, which thankfully I was able to understand the most of. Do try this one.

The next, Title song by Jaggi Singh, might not be the rocker of album, but if you go a bit into the lyrics, you’ll probably love the song, and all the more so if you belong to the land of Punjab. The small song has a few links to the proud history of Punjab.

Diljit Dosanjh sings Warrant which is again a good one, though doesn’t hit as instantly as gaddi modange or bandiya. More of a typical Punjabi track with almost all possible instruments (:P), warrant still doesn’t disappoint.

Gippy Garewal gets to sing Sarkaraan in this one. Saade hi paise te, sarkaraan chaldiyan ve is a song of the soil in terms of music as the song has some good use of folk instruments.

The last two tracks, sura so pehchaniye and deh shiva bar mohe ehai are more of chants than anything else, one almost mixing into the other. What confused me a bit here, though, is the name of Arvinder Singh who I knew for Sabse bhali sharab hai and paani sharab mein.

Overall, as expected, Jaidev’s album is better than I had expected. 😀 And while Gaddi modange is rocking me already, it’s the Jimmy-Rabbi combination i.e. Bandiya tu that beats everything for me. If the movie is as good as the album, I’m in for it. All the best Jimmy.

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5 thoughts on “Dharti (2011): Music Review (Jaidev Kumar)”

  1. I can’t seem to get Warrant out of my head. I’ve listened to the promo for it on YouTube at least 20 times in the last 2 hours or so.

  2. The movie “Dahti” looks awesome from the trailers and songs on Youtube.Will have to watch it.

  3. Tere pichhe ghumde(kumdey)ne jedhe bane kaint ni ,chadd ge je hatthey saale saare dene faint ni,hakiaan na maar maar,bijli di laake taar,chaddu jaan chaddu chaar chaali(440) da current ni,pher paavein saade na te nikale warrant ni

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