Thank You: Music Review

Anees Bazmee definitely does things in an upside down way. That’s how there is Thank You after Welcome. This one again comes from the Pritam’s Factory of Dance-n-forget Music. Here comes a review.

The album starts with Mika’s Pyaar do Pyaar lo, that you might have caught on TV. The oldie-newie song sounds more like a remix and looks very much like a try to redo apni to jaise taise from Housefull. I guess Pritam has been successful, but not so much as SEL were with theirs.

The next song, Razia, is sung by Saleem and Ritu Pathak, but Saleem can be confused for a girl with his high pitch here. Allah bachaye meri jaan ki razia gundon mein phans gayi sounds like a typical item song and Ritu sounds pretty good with her singing. Nothing new, just another good product from the Factory.

Pyaar tera pyaar mujhe = Main yahan bhi, main wahan bhi (Toh Baat Pakki). Next beat seems to be taken from Action replay. Even though I liked Neeraj Shridhar and Richa Sharma’s Full volume with it’s never-too-high notes, Pritam looks like he’s out of composition styles and trying to feed old things, though I don’t actually think it’s the case.

When I heard Sonu Nigam’s My Heart is beating, I was wondering why Thank You seems so inspired by Housefull. This one is sung by Sonu very much in Mohammad Rafi’s style, precisely like the ones the legend sang for Shammi Kapoor. With good promotion, song should do well. Liked Sonu’s singing in this one, and not bad work by Pritam as well.

Pyaar Mein is the last original song of the album, which is sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Javed Ali. Again, Pritam looks like captured in his own styles even while he gives a good song. While Javed Ali makes the song his own by singing it beautifully, Neeraj’s ‘chorus’ sounds lovely. But what fascinated me the most in the song was the backing vocals that appeared from the very start of the song. Unfortunately, I don’t know whose voice that is, though I presume it’s either Suzanne or Bianca Gomes as their names are mentioned for backing vocals in the album. Also, this is probably one song of the album which is good not only in music but also with words. Amitabh Bhattacharya is the guy holding the pen here. And another similarity with Housefull. OK. Excuse me for that.

And while I was looking for the backing vocals, one more thing I came to know was that Sachin and Jigar were among the programmers of the album. Nice to know that.

I didn’t try listening to the remixes especially they were all merely ‘remix’es and mentioned nothing more specific than that.

So overall, Thank you is an okay, run of the mill thing in which most of the songs are danceable while one particular song called Pyaar mein is something close to Tum mile’s level, but a bit lower than that, also because it’s so much similar. Quite what was expected from Pritam, or actually slightly better if you think of No Problem.

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