Tera Kya Hoga Johnny: Music Review

Tera Kya Hoga Johny is not a regular movie, and the music isn’t regular either. Sudhir Mishra brings in Pankaj Awasthi and Ali Azmat to compose the music for the album and they definitely give some different music, that is their regular music. Here is an insight into the music of Tera Kya Hoga Johnny.

The album starts with the title song sung by Sukhwinder Singh, a not-so-typical-Pankaj-Awasthi composition that may remind one of Johnny Gaddar. Though the song is well sung by Sukhwinder, it’s more of a background thing and not really for free listening until you have seen the movie/video.

The next, Teri Parchhaiyaan is an Ali Azmat composition where he sings in a not so rock’ish way, even though the background is very well rocking. As the slow moving song comes towards the end, things get a bit more interesting and you hear Ali Azmat much closer to his typical high notes, though never really reaching them. A different, very likable composition.

Next comes Shab ko roz jaga deta hai, which is composed and sung by Pankaj Awasthi in his very typical style. The song has some hardcore poetry and Pankaj’s not-so-pleasing voice suits it a lot. In fact if you realize, it’s a ghazal, sung in a completely different way. Liked it. You may too if you’re interested in words more than music.

Heeriye, another Pankaj Awasthi composition, is a different thing coming from him; different for him though not for Bollywood. Labh Janjua sings this very Punjabi dance number that sounds quite likable. Another lovely but a bit different Punjabi dance track after Amit Trivedi’s gal mitthi mitthi, though I doubt if this one will be that successful.

The next song Tore Naina is again an Ali Azmat composition which he sings himself, and in his well known voice and style. While Ali’s drunk-ish voice makes things different, the song has a chorus going on which makes things sweet and simple. A beautiful fusion of the two voices with some great music in the background makes things just beautiful here. I think I cannot explain much here, just listen to the song. You’ll like it.

Pankaj’s next, Lehron ne kaha, is again a poetry based song with the music coming majorly from some Indian intruments while the Western touch is visible with bass and a little more things. A song where both music and lyrics alone are good enough to keep your interest, even though they go very well together.

The album comes to an end with Shreya Ghoshal’s Sheher ki Rani which is composed by Abhishek Ray, which is okay on music, a bit kinda broken though good on lyrics, and good on singing. Shreya sings the song really well but my guess is that the song will be liked only when you listen to it quite a few times and that is probably going to happen only with the video.

So overall Tera Kya Hoga Johny is an album with some different kind of music and is not very musical in the typical sense of the word, especially with Pankaj Awasthi’s songs. But if you like words more than music, you will probably love those songs. As a movie’s soundtrack, Tera Kya Hoga Johnny should be great as many songs look like tailor made for their background. Try it, there is good chance you’ll like it.

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