No One Killed Jessica: Music Review. Amit Trivedi.

There are two ways to listen to Dilli.

One. Rock your stereo and include/forget your neighbours.
Two. Fit your earphones well and turn the volume up.

Either way, Dilli rocks. The same deep pain that was there in some songs of Dev.D, has finally come back in Dilli. And while Amit Trivedi’s music is nothing less than awesome, Amitabh Bhaattacharya touches the emotions in very few words. If there is anything missing in the song, move to the hardcore version. * evil smile *

The second song, Aetbaar, brings Bollywood’s rockstar Vishal Dadlani with Amit Trivedi and the result is rocking. Wait, I’m using the word again. No, can’t help. This is a second rocking song in a row. The Sufi touch in ‘dil aetbaar karke ro raha hai’ with Vishal’s very rock singing is worth a praise. Lovable song, and particularly good lyrics by Amitabh.

The next song, Yeh Pal, is a solo by Shilpa Rao where she simply sings Amitabh Bhattacharya’s deep lyrics to a very light music, almost like a poem. While the second half of the same song is an instrumental with Aetbaar visible there. Good, though not catchy and so, may take its own time.

The next song is a very experimental Aali re, which is probably what may be an ‘Amit Trivedi Item Song.’ The song seems to have a Mumbaiyya soul, at least the title ‘aali re’ made me feel so. But with the lines ‘patloon mein junoon hai’ the song almost talks of Delhi too. OK. Don’t take an offence Delhi people. I just mean the not-so-minded-language of the place. Nice experiment, but not a great song. And no, this is Not Motumaster.

And then, there is Dua.

A beautiful voice, that of Meenal Jain, comes up to sing some words after a very light music and then a chorus, sorry, Joi, Raman and Amitabh join in to sing Sab sajde mein, sajde mein, sajde mein, dua karo, with Amit Trivedi turning the song into an anthem-ish style with that chorus and those army band style beats. Not exactly fresh, but effective nevertheless.

So overall, No One Killed Jessica is Good, and has things that you would like to have in an Amit Trivedi album, but then, beyond Dilli and Aetbaar, songs aren’t that fresh, and Aali re sounds like a failure at least for now. Still, will like to see how the song turns out with the video and more listening that is going to be there. So if you have hight hopes, you may be disappointed.

My say, buy the album for Dilli, its hardcore version and Aetbaar. And you will have two songs in bonus, even if you don’t count one. Dilli is the way to go, Sir Trivedi.

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  1. @Kaustav


    Talking of Aali re, I don’t say the song isn’t good. It’s totally interesting and u see, these big people’s bad songs are pretty good too. Remember Blue’s aaj dil gustakh hai? such a normal n nothing too great song, but it’s better than many people’s best songs. But then, Aali re doesn’t really reach the level where the rest of the album lies. all the four songs, m just in love with. songs I can listen in a very long term.

  2. “Aetbaar” what a song … Dilli is also very nice.

    But harshit you said “Aali re sounds like a failure at least for now”. Honestly i don’t agree.Its a different song.Its a kind of music Music only few can produce in our industry .. like rehman.

  3. @Shashank

    Seems like my words sounded a bit too harsher than I intended. I just didn’t like the song as much as the rest of album. But I know the song is interesting. And believe me, I’m waiting for a good video on the song as I have written. A good video can make the song a blockbuster as well. It has potential. 🙂

  4. @Amit

    Thanks a lot sir. For being an old visitor, and for the regular visits. I’d like it if you comment more and more. It definitely helps me.

    As for Aali re, I’ve clearly written that I didn’t like the song that much the first few times, while I loved the rest of album a lot. Hence wrote what I did. Not gonna change it now even though m singing the song the whole day right now.

    Btw, I knew more listening was going to be there for the song. Wrote that too. 🙂

  5. Amit Trivedi is continuously evolving ever since Aamir…! But, I felt he is reluctant to leave Dev-D way off for now! His Udaan and NOKJ tracks smack of Dev-D, which is actually bad for a new composer like him who is now a National Award winner. So I wish him good luck and no burnouts soon..!!

  6. @Aditya

    you’re very much right. but seems he is the best with that type and that’s the reason he’s repeating the same style. Aisha was a fresh change, but at the same time I love Udaan much more. Still, I think there IS need for some changes. Probably that will also depend on the producers/directors take him from here on.

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