Mumbai Mast Kallander: Music Review

The album starts with Sloshed, a song composed by Teenu Arora, though it sounds quite like a Pritam composition as it’s sung by Neeraj Shridhar in his typical way, the way he sings all the Pritam songs. Saru Maini doesn’t offer much of a deviation, but the songs sounds quite fine, with Neeraj taking most of the credit for that.

The next, the title song, Mumbai Mast Kalandar, is more of a background thing with some rap and some pop. While some of the lyrics sound almost meaningless, some lines are quite good too, making the song overall an okay experience. If promoted well, the song has a potential to be liked.

The third song, Raam Naam Bhaj le, is again a song sung by Neeraj Shridhar. Now this one is an Afsar-Sajid composition, but when you still feel you’re listening to Pritam composition, you believe that anything that Neeraj sings sounds like coming from Pritam. Anyway, the song is like an average Neeraj-Pritam songs and raam naam reminds me of Bhool Bhulaiyya too.

The next song Sunn Zara is sung by KK and comes up as a pleasant surprise. The song is a soft-romantic and quite a beautiful one, which coming from KK sounds definitely good. Not too great or new, but definitely a good one by Afsar-Sajid.

Mess it up brings Shail Hada in a new style as he sings a semi-English quite-rock song with Earl Edgar. The song seems to be a bit higher on the rock than prevalent Bollywood standards, but Shail Hada definitely sounds good in his new role and sings it well enough to make me listen.

Shail Hada again comes up with Aditi Singh Sharma for the next song, this time with a Punjabi dance number with some deviation. The song is an Anaamik Chauhan composition, like the previous one. The interesting thing in the song is the way Shail sings it, but the beats and the arrangement of the song could be better.

Overall, Mumbai Mast Kallander is an album where the producers have definitely tried hard to get some good music with some less-paid-than-Pritam composers and to some extent have been able to get things done too, but not all the things work in the album, and the result is just average. Try Neeraj Shridhar songs if you like him and go for the KK one. Rest, as I said, is just kinda okay.

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