Mirch: Music Review (Monty Sharma)

Monty Sharma’s Mirch is an album with some wonderful songs, even though there are a few signs of desperateness too. The best thing of the album is Shankar Mahadevan’s rock-meets-classical song Kaare Kaare Badra. The song is a beautiful fusion done with some good effort and Shankar does the song in a way that I feel this was made for him. Do listen to this one.

The next good thing here is Bela Shende’s Mann bhi hai. The song is a beautiful poetry and Bela has sung it beautifully over the simple music. Nothing too high or trying-too-hard. Just simple and lovely so.

Ila Arun’s voice in the beginning of Mora Saiyyan may for once make you doubt the beauty of the song, but as soon as Pt Girish Chattopadhyay enters the song, you know it’s good. But then I felt Ila Arun’s voice is probably not required in the background there. Still, she sings the ‘maari nathni’ part perfectly. A bit of desperate effort, but a good one. Listen and decide for yourself if you are okay with the song.

Tikhi Tikhi Mirch, sung by Kalpana Patowary in the folk version and by Akriti Kakkar in Western version clears one thing for sure, and that is that Monty Sharma cannot do so much with Western arrangements as he can with Indian instruments. Kalpana’s version sounds like a very typical item number but still this is the version I’d prefer. Akruti’s version is simply not it.

And before that, there is one more thing in the album that I quite liked. Kunal Ganjawala, Vaishali Samant and Sharmishtha’s Zindagi tu hi bata seems to have Kunal Ganjawala in the same touch as Guzaarish, mostly because of the lyrics. the song is some good poetry with some beautiful lyrics. The music is decent and singing is good, but the song doesn’t click if you are not into the lyrics of the song. Listen to this one for the positive lyrics.

Overall Mirch is a fine album with some good songs like Shankar’s Badra and Bela’s Mann bhi hai, while Zindagi and Mora Saiyyan aren’t bad. Do listen to the album for Badra and Mann bhi hai.

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  1. Harshit i am loving the song badra.yamla pagla deewana, payback, tera kya hoga johny ke music reviews kab doge. tum inhe ‘songs.pk’ pe le sakte ho. aur haan Acc. To Me Tumhe LINKIN PARK Ke Album ;Minutes To Midnight; Aur ;A Thousand Suns’ Par Ek Review Likhna Chahiye. Gane Toh Bahut Badhiya Hai.Aur Ek Request Hai, Kya Tum Please Shafqat Amanat Ali Ke Album ‘Kyun Dooriyan’ Pe Review Likhna. Pease, Please…..

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