Dil To Baccha Hai Ji: Music Review (Pritam)

Abhi Kuch Dino se is a typical Mohit Chauhan made-to-be-hit. Music is good and lyrics are fine too. Overall something new for a few months. Go for it.

Beshubaha is again a beautiful song where Antara Mitra proves herself once again and Kunal is good to listen. Pritam seems to be going on the track of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai as I could feel a touch of I’m in love here. Good one again.

Jaadugari again has Kunal singing. He seems to be almost making a comeback after being off for past some time. First Guzaarish and now two songs on the album. Good to hear. As for the song, a soft, romantic song in Kunal’s typical voice, something that will be taking space in your mind slowly.

The next song is Tere Bin, a soft-romantic-super-awesomely-beautiful song sung by Sonu Nigam. OK, maybe I said a bit too much, but one of those lovely romantic tracks that suit Sonu Nigam a lot. Do listen.

Something I almost hate about Pritam is that he gives the same song to N number of people and public keeps comparing. Here Naresh Iyer gets the same song as Sonu and the reprise has hardly a thing different, I mean even the prelude remains there. I think there could be an unplugged version or something there. Just one thing to say, independent of Sonu’s version that is, Naresh Iyer rocks.

Though what surprised me was the new name of Shefali Alvaris who comes up to sing ‘Ye Dil hai Nakhrewala‘ and doesn’t sound like a first timer at all (Is she one? Never heard the name). Well sung cabarette-ish item-ish number. Though I don’t know what is it that Pritam was trying to do with Antara Mitra’s version.

Anyway, the overall score of the album is definitely good with all the songs going at least above average, to lovely. Simply, go for the album.

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  1. dil toh… songs are good. i agree with you. but you should give something different as saal bhi khatm hone ko hai. vaise hi tmk movie dekh ke mod bakwas ho gaya. i think you should give review on linkin park (a thousan suns) not so great but tumhare thought dekhne thi. keep going.

  2. there are no singers like that…….sunidhi shrteya sonu kk sings for all music directors…. this is music not a group…….!!!!

    A r rahman singers, pritam singers whats that???????

    then tell me is asha ji is only for r d burman???? pritam worked with almost alll leading singers in the industry and they are looking forward to work with him, again……

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