Guzaarish: A Short Review

So finally I saw Guzaarish. And liked it. Here is a small review, some details, and no spoilers.

For one, Guzaarish is not like Saanwariya. The movie is in a real world and you can relate to it.

Second, the movie has disabilities in subject, but is not much like Black. It has its own story and its own style, which is quite different from the way Black was told, even if not entirely.

As for the movie individually, it’s a good movie. It’s not too complex, it doesn’t talk too big things, but makes you feel happiness, sorrow, and most importantly, helplessness at various points in the movie.

The subject is big, story okay, script good, and direction wonderful. Sanjay Leela Bhansali proves himself in many scenes, something he didn’t fail to do even in Saanwariya, but then, a good story and a world that you know make a great difference. As for acting, Hrithik is just fabulous, while Aishwarya is okay. It was the first time I saw Aditya Roy Kapoor acting and liked him. Shernaz Patel who is is repeated from Black is good.

The choreography is good and you notice the dances even in the few places they are there. Cinematography is good in places but not all the way that great. Probably SLB’s grey shades didn’t suit my eyes that much.

Music is good and SLB has kept only the songs that fit and sound good there. Even the song that weren’t that good without the movie have found a better meaning in the movie. Liked it.

In short, Guzaarish is good, and definitely watchable. Just don’t have too high hopes (read Black) and I guess you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I am eagerly aiatiwng both ZMND and Agneepath.But i can’t understand the praise that Guzaarish is getting because its not quite the masterpiece that it is made out to be. Money has to bow before art’ but the question that one should be asking is if it is actually art.And my problem is more with SLB than with Hrithik. I think Hrithik did a very honest and sincere job. But SLB is not quite the genius that he is made out to be. I mean the concept is not original, no credit has been given to the original source[Is it pliagrism??], the film is full of plot holes, full of cliches. It is very superficial at an emotional level. I mean it is dressed up really well but the movie lacks soul.And 60-70 crores for such a film. Where did the money go?? I mean give only 10% of that to any competent director and they would make a better film than this. If it was made on a limited budget[like Black], then the accolades could have been justified to some extent. But the guy sank 50 crores just for the sake of it, to satisfy his ego. And this makes me afraid because this is just going to encourage him to make more such extravagant movies which lack a soul.

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