Music Review: Knock Out

Gourov Das Gupta gets a number of big singers in Knock Out, a fact that makes me expect more from him this time. He reaches some of the expectations, but not all. Here is a review.

The album starts with a rock-based title song sung by Vishal Dadlani. Vishal is fine in the song but the song seems to be a bit picked from here and there and rest just added to make up a song. Some traces of Paathshala’s Khushnuma can be found which become all the more visible with Vishal singing the song. Not for listening but might sound ok in the movie as a background number.

After disappointing in the first song, Gourov DG makes a comeback with the next song that is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song comes as a surprise as Rahat sings a song which is not too similar to the songs he’s singing left right and center nowadays. A slower and deeper track with a slight touch of rock that gets fast and enraging in the middle, Khushnuma sa ye roshan ho is something definitely above his own average by the composer. Good one.

The next song, Jab Jab Dil Mile, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan is an average affair by Gourov where he goes all beats, in his usual style, but with a few added effects. Unfortunately the effects are not enough to make the song good and the result isn’t much worth listening to.

The fourth song of the album, KK’s tuhi mere humnavaa is again a good one making the album almost a series of alternate good songs. In tuhi mere, Gourov goes Pritamish with the music making the beats quite likeable while KK’s superb singing and some good lyrics of course add to the goodness of the song. Like like.

The next song of the album is Khushnuma sa wo mausam, which is not the same, though a bit similar, as Rahat’s khushnuma. This one, sung by Krishna, is a soft, kinda romantic tune with some sad lyrics. Right now I don’t think it’s the best song of the album but still it’s quite likeable and the slow melody of the song is something that sticks to you more every time you listen to it. Do listen to this one too.

The last song of the album is a guest composition from Sanjeev-Darshan and is called Gangubai pe aayi jawani. All I want to tell the producers is that every item song is not Munni. OK. The song is not a straight-no-no and can be heard a few times (or maybe less), but then nothing great in the song. Just some catchy words and some _______ singing isn’t enough.

Anyway, overall Knock Out is kinda more than I ‘actually’ expected from Gourov Dasgupta. I wished this time that he comes better than himself this time even though I didn’t really hope so. But in some places he does grow and tuhi mere humnavaa and Rahat’s Khushnuma point to those places. In general, the album is yet another average affair with 2-3 listenable songs.

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