Break ke Baad: Predictable..

I have some strange opinion about Break ke Baad. I was quite waiting for the album and now that it’s arrived and I see things similar to what I had expected, I am disappointed.

The album sounds quite like a typical Vishal-Shekhar thing, something I never wanted to exist, because I never wanted them to be typecast. Anyway, here is a review of the album. Btw, there is one thing in album I totally loved, Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics.

The first song, Adhoore tum Adhoore hum sung by Vishal Dadlani and Alyssa Mendona is a rock-ish thing that you can hear and tell the composer now. The song is quite likeable and gets stuck in the mind, and fairly speaking, everything with the song is right other than its predictability. Alyssa’s voice sounds good here too. Go for it.

The next song, Ajab Lehar hai, brings in Neeraj Shridhar, who sings probably for the first time for V-S. This one is not that Vishal-Shekhar really and Neeraj Shridhar totally sounds like he’s singing a Pritam song. Not much new, but the melody of the song is good, and Prasoon’s words in the song attract your attention even if there’s nothing that great in terms of lyrics in the song. Above average, just because I’ve heard ten more songs like that.

The next song, dhoop ke makaan is the one I was waiting for the most because the title itself made me think it’d have some superb lyrics. Fortunately, I was right about the lyrics and the music of the song is good too. In terms of arrangements the song sounds a bit like tumse hi tumse in some parts, but V-S have mostly kept things easy which, I feel, was a requirement of the song. Also, the song somehow reminds me of Phir Milenge, mostly because of lyrics. Superb singing by Shekhar and Caralisa. Wonderful lyrics, lovable song. DO listen.

With number four, Dooriyaan hain zaroori, Vishal-Shekhar almost go into Amit Trivedi style of rock, and do some good work there, though I had some higher expectations. The only thing I totally liked in the song is Vishal’s entry in the song that goes a bit in Anjaana-Anjaani title track style, but beats it the way he seems to be starting from nowhere, if you get what I mean.

And now, the song I most liked for its lyrics: Main Jiyoonga. Nikhil D’Souza (I hope you know the name by now) comes up to sing some deep, heartfelt words in what I’d call a very light rock mode. Though I loved the lyrics and quite liked the music of the song, I think the music could be better or something totally different. At least the back up beats could be a bit less loud so as to let me hear Nikhil’s voice a bit better. Listen to the song, for sheer lyrics if nothing else.

Adhoore tum remix is as good as a usual remix and I didn’t even hear the thing whole. So never know if it had some surprise somewhere. What I wanted to hear is the acoustic mix of Dhoop ke makaan, and I liked the acoustic version simply because of its simplicity. The song does not expose Shekhar’s voice as beautifully as Bin Tere Unplugged/Reprise, but comes close. Likeable.

Overall, Break ke Baad is an album with likeable, but predictable songs. Vishal-Shekhar may have some chartbusters here, like Adhoore tum and Ajab lehar hai, but the album, or at least these songs lack a depth, the type of depth that can be seen in Dhoop ke makaan. The best thing to happen to album was probably Prasoon Joshi who makes an awesome Main Jiyoonga and Dhoop ke makaan and is good with the rest of album too. Listen to the album for him for not more.

Best things: Dhoop ke makaan, Main jiyoonga. Top-seller: Adhoore, I guess.

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  1. @Shweta

    Is it because Alyssa is there? cuz I don’t think S-E-L take this kind of rock much in their movies, though they try it in their own way at times. This sounds more like Amit. or maybe because of Dhoop ke Makaan, which may sound SEL’ish even though they’re not alone trying that type. Prasoon’s words will certainly add to the effect if u r thinking about SEL in the album. 🙂

  2. actually, Neeraj Shridhar first sang for Vishal Shekhar in Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, a really nice song called “Halke Halke Rangh Chhalke”.

    I disagree actually, I think V-S use Neeraj’s voice in superior way in comparison to Pritam. Pritam has completely made minced meat out of Neeraj’s voice by overdoing his rappish/rockish/english lyrics songs, there isn’t much fun in that for me personally.

    I like how V-S give Neeraj Shridhar simple tunes that go well with his voice, and they use him pretty sparingly so the novelty always remains. My 2 cents only haha.

    I LOOOOVE Main Jiyunga. I didn’t like it as much before when I hadn’t listened to the lyrics closely, but wow. AMAAZZZZZZZZZING lyrics, Prasoon Joshi’s off the hook. personally love “khwaab ke parindey jo paale, kiye aasma ke hawale, udne doonga unko neeli neeli si azaadiyon mein”
    AND, yes, Nikhil’s done a great job in this song :] his voice itself is such a treat haha.

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