Allah ke Banday: Music Review

Allah ke Banday is an album with various composers coming up together while Chirantan Bhatt seems to be leading with his Maula running already. Here is a review.

The album starts with a Sufi-rock Maula Samjha de Inhe, the song composed by Chirantan Bhatt and sung by Hamza Farooqui and Krishna. A combination that I have never seen yet but the way the song sounds all good and is running successfully, I will not be surprised if I see Hamza and Krishna singing together more in future. A complete like, with the plea made by the two leads showing up in the right attitude and the words sounding perfectly matching in the context of the movie.

The next song, kya hawa kya baadal, is composed by Kailasa, that is Kailash Kher, Naresh and Paresh, and sung by of course, Kailash himself. The song has Kailasa touch quite clear, with added electronica effects, which make the song align more to a theme type than a typical lyric-based song of the band, though the song still is a good deal about the lyrics, which is another good thing about the song. A thumbs up again.

The next, Rabba Rabba, composed by Tarun and Vinayak and sung by Ravi Khote, is at best a rock-theme with small traces of some songs here and there, nothing much worth saying. The low of the album I’d say.

The next song of the album, Mayoos, starts with Sunidhi Chauhan singing a slow number that ‘required’ Sunidhi Chauhan to sing it. I hope you get what I mean. The song is quite a composition to sing, and Sunidhi works really good on the track. An all Sunidhi thing that will work perfectly well as a background in the sad moments of the movie. Quite likeable as a soundtrack too if you like good singing with minimal music.

Kaala Jaadu of Ishq Bector is a very basic, beat-based, catchy song that may easily remind you of Khatta-Meetha’s bullshit. Nothing great, but listenable, likeable for a few times.

The last song of the album happens to be another, ‘full’ version of Kailash Kher’s Kya Hawa Kya Baadal. The song is almost the same arrangements as earlier version, but runs almost double in length. Like again.

Overall, Allah ke Banday can be considered a good album keeping in mind the limitations it has with the kind of story it has. While Maula rocks in a sufi style, kya hawa kya baadal is good and so is Mayoos. The only thing that disappoints is Rabba Rabba. Rest is, at the least, worth a listen.

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