Action Replayy: Music Review

Pritam’s Action Replayy starts with a Zor ka Jhatka given by Daler ‘paaji’ along with Richa Sharma. The now-so-sober Daler goes all mad in the song and you can hear him singing words like shaadi ke mandap se khud ko tu bhaga. Anyway, the song has a punch and Daler does make it even more wonderful. Richa’s nasal avatar makes the song more interesting than anything and what you get is an addictive song that will keep running everywhere for some time.

The next song O Bekhabar seems to be on the lines of Tum jo aaye of OUATIM and even though in this one Shreya sings alone (as compared to tum jo aaye’s Tulsi-Rahat) she sounds good enough to equal the hit. Likeable song.

The third song, Nakhre, sung by Francois Castollino, is a step ahead of zor ka jhatka when it comes to lyrics. The song has some matter-of-fact lyrics (according to boys that is) which can make you laugh even before you reach the theater to watch the movie. Definitely interesting, again.

Sunidhi and Ritu Pathak’s chhan ke mohalla is another interesting number. With old school lyrics of item songs and an added punch of ‘jali to-bujhi na’ the song is fine to hear, and definitely will be worth a watch once the video is out there. I will not be surprised if this one becomes a chartbuster with the video out.

Tera Mera Pyaar sung by Karthik, Mahalakshmi Iyer and Antara, though, doesn’t sound all that interesting and sounds more like a chorus based thing, which here reminds me of Vande Mataram and other patriotic songs we used to sing at school, with all due respect to both. Somehow didn’t like this one much.

The next song, Mika’s dhak dhak dhak, is an interesting one again. More musical than just interesting, and a more regular song, dhak dhak sounds good as the song is quite beat-based but Pritam has done some good experimenting with instruments (was that bagpiper that I was loving the most?) while Mika’s voice keeps things from sounding boring.

Luk Chhup Jaana is the next song where KK sings the whole song and Tulsi gets to sing one line some five-six times. And somehow that gives me a sadistic pleasure. Anyway, the song sounds too loud and doesn’t even rock properly. I’d say not such a good use of KK’s wonderful voice. Could be better.

In the next, Suraj Jagan’s I am dog gone crazy, Pritam probably tries to make up for Snoop Dogg’s Singh is Kinng, but quite predictably, doesn’t reach that level. But the good thing is that the song still sounds fine, especially as Suraj sings with his heart. Not bad. Likeable.

I somehow don’t like Shreya singing fast numbers. Otherwise, all is well with the next song baaki main bhool gayi. Actually this one is not actually that fast a song but the instruments may give such illusion. In fact Shreya sings this one beautifully if you listen to her singing only, not concentrating on the unavoidable drums. I think this one could be better on arrangements. Not bad though.

Overall, Action Replayy is exactly what it was supposed to be, an ‘interesting’ album. The album has songs that sound good and have some good music, but more than that the album relies on its interesting lyrics and the punch factor in music. I don’t think there’ll be anything that you’ll be singing for years, but everything that you’d like to dance and laugh with for as-long-as-it-works.

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