Whackiest Blog Post on Dabangg!

Dabangg was good, and to me, the best thing of Dabangg was the movie’s comedy. But today I saw a Blog Post that made me laugh probably more than the movie itself. A guy tries to tell you the story of Dabangg on Facebook, while you have Chulbul Pandey, Dukhiyari Amma, Chhedi Singh, @Mast_Mast_Nain, Beuda Sasur, @Munni_Badnaam_Bhabhi, and even Useless Makkhi tweeting and facebooking.

Must, Must watch thing, and mind you, every single letter put on the post seems to be written with a thought. I wonder how long the author, Sujoy, has worked on it. His best post I have seen till date.

So no more chabad-chabad-patar-patar. Here is the link to the post.

Author: Harshit

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