Music Review – Life Express – Roop Kumar Rathod

Life express is a lesser known, small movie with music by Roop Kumar Rathod. And as expected, Roop gives some likeable music for the album, though not all that good as I expected. Here is a review.

The album starts with Udit Narayan-Shreya ghoshal’s Pyaar ka Namak. The song is a usual Udit Narayan thing, that sounds a bit like the title of Koi Mil Gaya. Sweet, Simple, but very common.

The second song, Thodi si Kami, is sung by Roop himself. A beautiful composition with some sadness, some philosophy and romance at its very heart, Thodi si Kami appeals and clearly is one of the best of the album. Roop composes and sings the song himself adds to the fullness of it. Worth listening for sure.

Kalpana is the new name doing rounds now. In Aakrosh and now in Life Express. The same singer, the same voice, and the same type of item songs. The same dislike. It’s a banal Banaras ka Paan this time.

The next, Phool Khila de by Jagjit Singh is a deep and real-sounding prayer with minimal music in the background. Jagjit sounds more aged, and I’d say deeper, than ever, and is quite effective. Loved the words, and the whole ambience made with the song. Whether you like the song depends a lot on your choice, but I’d say try it once. I just loved this one.

The next track, Jhule Jhule Palna, is a small, two minute lullaby sung by the so-less used, ‘chorus.’ Simple, sweet, beautiful. Somehow I get hooked to this one every time I listen to it. Good work by Mr Rathod. 🙂

After all the songs are done, Roop Kumar Rathod comes up behind the microphone to sing Phool khila de again himself. He definitely sings beautifully, but I’ll have to agree that Jagjit Singh was a great choice for the song. His depth and heaviness in his voice adds its own charm to the song. Good one this too is though.

Also, there is a sad version of Thodi si Kami there. A usual sad version, sounds good but nothing too big, except Roop’s wonderful voice and singing you get to listen, even more clear.

The end has a remix of Banaras ka Paan. Need not listen to more than 30 seconds to know that I can scrap it. Bad.

Overall, Roop Kumar Rathod composes some good tracks for the album and with some long term songs like Phool khila de, Thodi si Kami, and even Jhule Jhule Palna, the album may definitely be called good. With a note to producer saying that composers like Roop should not be forced to make item songs. They might not get a good result, and a beautiful soundtrack gets a bad name with just one bad song.

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