Jhootha Hi Sahi: Music Review

No, it’s never easy to comment on a song composed by Rahman. Reasons are many. For one, they’re never ‘bad.’ You’ll always like them at least a bit even if at the start they sound strangest thing in the world. Secondly, he has built so high reputation and expectations in people’s minds that it’s not easy to get to that level even with the best songs. And then, he has so many fans. But the worst thing is that u can not always be sure of disliking a song of his. Probably that is why he is Rahman.

Anyway, here is a review of his new album, Jhootha hi Sahi.

The album starts with the child’s play called Cry Cry. A song that is going to be a hit simply because of it’s simplicity. Though I didn’t like the lyrics of the song much, the message the song gives is good and Rashid Ali and Shreya’s singing is sweet. Not too good in terms of music, but a likeable thing.

The next song of the album is Maiyya Yashoda, something to be enjoyed. Sung by Javed Ali and Chinmayi, the song sounds quite good, though somehow I didn’t enjoy Chinmayi’s singing so much as I generally do. It may be because of Javed Ali who sounds relatively more fun. Rahman sounds like in his old mood here, and though the song is nothing like Radha kaise na jale, and doesn’t get close to that standard too (especially due to the huge difference in the standard of lyrics), the song somehow reminds me of Lagaan. Anyway, likeable stuff again.

The next song, Hello Hello, is Rahman’s own Karthik calling Karthik. 😛 The song that talks of phone and is sung by Karthik, may not sound too impressive initially as all the beeps and ringing might be intriguing, but the melody of the song, even though short, sounds fine. The lyrics are good too and to top it all, Karthik sounds really smooth here. Especially the lines ‘mujhe chhod do, mujhe thaam lo, kho jaane do, mera naam lo, sab theek hai, ho jayega‘ go in a beautiful flow. Doesn’t sound like a very long term thing, but sounds good for now.

The next song Do Nishaniyaan brings us the wonderful combination of Rahman and Sonu again, and in their old avatar this time. A slow, soft, soulful song where you like the lyrics without even hearing them. You only get a jerk when he talks of a ‘phone’ among those dreamy words, but then, it becomes a part of the song soon. Anyway, something wonderful in the album that I know will be liked more every time I hear it. Do listen.

Pam pa ra is definitely not the best song of the album. Oh, you know what I mean. The song sung by Shreya Ghoshal with Suzanne D’Mello is neither as catchy as Lattoo and nor has the attitude of Aye Bachchoo, and still sounds something like them both. Do I need to say more?

The next, I’ve been waiting of Vijay Yesudas, though, is something to cherish again. Quite smooth with the English lyrics, quite good with Hindi, and easily shifting from one language to the other, Vijay makes me love his simple singing in the song. A good, part romantic, part classic, part experimental song from Rahman. Thanks, sir.

The next thing on the album is Maiyya Yashoda (Thames Mix). If I didn’t tell you, the earlier version was called Jamuna Mix. Of course a remix of Jamuna, Thames still sounds fine, and except that the singers’ voices sound a tiny bit too much in the background, the song is all good to ears.

The next on the list is the Heartbreak reprise of Sonu Nigam’s Do Nishaniyaan. This time Rahman and Abbas seem to have decided that the life of this song is lyrics and hence put them right on top. Sonu Nigam sings this one awesomely too and gets us one more small lovable song.

The end of the album comes with the same name it started with. I need not think twice to know that Abbas Tyrewala is a fan of Rashid’s voice and after a lovely Kabhi Kabhi Aditi and a lovable kahin to hogi wo, he starts and ends his new album with Rashid only. In Jhootha hi Sahi, while the first song of the album is the opener of the movie to public, the last one is a pure Rahman piece that is just lovable.

One of the best, or probably ‘the best’ song of the album, Call me dil-Jhootha hi Sahi is the double title song as it takes in both, the earlier title of the movie ‘Call me Dil’ and the final title ‘Jhootha hi Sahi.’ I won’t say much about the song, just listen to it.

Overall, Jhootha hi Sahi is quite good an album from Rahman. The music is good and while I was expecting the lyrics to go really down after cry cry, they aren’t that bad either. The album starts attractively, and ends beautifully. In between you get a wonderful ‘I’ve been waiting’, a soothing ‘Do Nishaniyaan.’ I think I’m satisfied with the album. Are you?

लेखक: Harshit

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  1. Rahman?? Like Pritam?? Lol…was that a joke?
    Seriously Rahman is like identified by his style…Any song of this album ..it is plugged on and you know it is The mozart of madras…
    And Anoop..absolutely right! This is indeed a reply slap!
    and I’ll be waiting is also beautiful…
    Rahman is indeed…ummm…RAHMAN!
    ALL HAIL RAHMAN INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome is the word….Cry cry is cool…I liked the sounds in Pam Para..and the ways shreya uses it..she is awesome isnt she? Chimayi and Javed ali rock in Maiyya yashoda…esp the chinmayee part where she says nat kat ne raaz bataya…woo…

    Sonu back to ARR sir is truely a treat…Lovely track…just heard Hello and I’ll be waiting..so cant comment much..and yes…Call me dil is awsome…but i saw Saregamapa and wanted ARR sir to sing that..he was just above all in that small promo he gave of the song..

    Overall i liked the album.. 🙂

  3. @Harshit: I guess you should give some more time to Pam pa ra….coz the more I listen to it the more I’m getting engrossed in it…Shreya gets to show off her incredible vocal range, her outstanding delivery and the tonal quality to her voice…and there are so many layers of the song that you ultimately get jammed to it

  4. I am in love with “Hello Hello”, and there are a lot of reasons for why I would NOT be. the beeping sounds, the very short length, its not formulaic, FOR SURE.

    but WOW, when Karthik sings “mujhe chhod doh, mujhe thaam lo”, I truly do get transported to a different world, as said before. I LOVE this song!

    and the entire album as well. THIIIISS is what I’ve been waiting for for months!

  5. @Kaustav

    Refer first paragraph. 😛

    Never said the song is bad. One never can say that X song of Rahman is bad. It’s just so not possible to say. Take for example Blue’s aaj dil gustakh hai. When I heard the song first, for the first few days I hated it, love it now though.

    Still, I can say that pam pa ra doesn’t stick instantly n there ARE better songs in the album, lot of ’em. That’s all from my side. 🙂

  6. @liveRach

    I told u, it sounds strange, but after sometime, u start falling in the beeps. There are only two living legends I know who can do it. Rahman and Vishal Bharadwaj. In techno, Rahman certainly is much ahead.

    n yes, that part of the song is just awesome. I think Rahman finally makes it after a long time. A sweet, simple, lovable album.

  7. I have admired Rahman from a distance but could never warm up to his music, save a couple of songs at the onset of his foray into HFM. But I immensely liked his Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na for more jazz and choice of instruments (more guitars and wind instruments and less percussion). And now I this one. This is the kind of music I like and hope he will give us more like this in future.

  8. @Ashok

    I agree, the way Rahman went jazzy in JTYJN was refreshing. but I guess if he did it here that as well, and in same amount, I’d probably be disappointed. In fact it quite soothes me that he’s used really light music for some songs, especially with I’ve been waiting, even though he’s a bit repetitive in Do nishaniyan, the song is lovely.

    but leaving behind all these, the most interesting thing in the soundtrack, at least for me, was Hello Hello. It’s just amazing how Rahman can make you love all those beeps and all, and make you feel light even in that techno environment. Truly the work of a genius there. 🙂

    Btw, I’d like to know where he made u love his music, as u said, ‘save a couple of songs at the onset of his foray..’, and also where he disappointed you the most after that.

  9. This is definitely one of the best from the maestro. He is simple unstoppable this year delivering hit after hit.

    Now it is the time to wait for Rockstar for some realy rocking music from the Mozart of Madras.

    As most of you have said “Call me Dil” is the best in the album and I wish Rahman had sung the song.

    Hail Rahman!!!

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