Yesterday when I heard from the counter boy at nearby Fame, I was angry and disheartened, as I knew there weren’t very good chances of getting a ticket. I wasn’t very wrong as I saw Marathahalli’s Innovative multiplex getting four of its five shows filled within half an hour while I was looking for company. Finally, I got Twitter buddy Arun and we went to Rex.

Anyway, as I started watching the movie, I was not as thrilled as I had been to watch the movie. During the first half, there were a lot of comic scenes, some of them much better than Rohit Shetty’s movies (by Rohit Shetty movies I mean popular, full-fledged comedies of present day), and there were quite some fight scenes, but it seemed that there was not much story, not in the foreground at least.

But as the movie proceeded, I could see something like a story coming up while I was thoroughly enjoying what was there on screen even with less story, be it Salman Khan’s Rajni-ish fights or his family-dramedy with Dimple Kapadia, Vinod Khanna and Arbaaz.

Still, in the second half there is some story and somehow I felt that whatever I was watching yet was part of that story too as I see Salman-Vinod’s relationship turning into more than just comedy and his childhood rivalry with Arbaaz becoming something to find a ‘Vibheeshan’ for the local politicians. By the time Anupam Kher enters the story, you actually feel there’s a movie going on, and not just a collection of ‘best of Salman Khan’ scenes. But the phase doesn’t last forever, at least not in the same intensity. Even then, by the climax you have some story behind those wonderfully choreographed and animated fights, enough to enjoy the fights. The last 30-45 minutes of the movie definitely make the best part of Dabangg.

Salman has no doubt played the character of Chulbul Pandey perfectly, and even the surroundings are quite well designed. Though there is logic missing at various points in the movie, it’s slight and the movie could be top-notch if only we had a better story. Talking of others, Sonakshi looks quite good in her role but her screen presence is less than what I had expected. Sonu Sood gets much more time on screen than her even though he looks more of a body builder than actor. Dimple is good though Vinod Khanna doesn’t get a lot to do. Anupam Kher is definitely fine in his small role while Mahesh Manjrekar is interesting, and it took me some time to recognize him. Arbaaz is a bit of let-down though while his ‘munni’ makes people dance to her tune.

Fights are good but at times you know they are animated. Songs are a bit too much, though enjoyable. But above them, dialogs of the movie is something that makes you enjoy the movie throughout.

In short, with some more story, Dabangg could be worth archiving, though in its present form, it’s nothing less than enjoyable. And if I’m allowed to use words of other reviewers, I would like to agree with Anupama Chopra where she says she’d be happy to see more of Chulbul Pandey and with a better script.

I really want more of this Salman. Dabangg ho!

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“Dabangged.” पर 8 विचार

  1. sirji aaj maine bhi movie dekh li Noida me..kasam se 2 Hours tak line me lagna pada..aur ticket ka price bhi Rs 175 tha..halaki Rs 600 & Rs 750 bhi ticket ke price the…aur haa sare show housefull hai..Delhi-NCR me to sare jagah movie housefull h..jabki friday aur saturday ko 23 show the..
    jaha tak meri bat hai..mujhe movie acchi nahi lagi..main to movie dekhne ke bad itna confuse hu ki samjh me nahi aa raha ki sans kaha se lu aur…;)
    waise tumhara review bhi bahut confusing hai..:(

  2. sirji aaj maine bhi movie dekh li ABUROAD me..kasam se 2 Hours tak line me lagna pada..aur ticket ka price bhi Rs 175 tha..halaki Rs 600 & Rs 750 bhi ticket ke price theaur haa sare show housefull hai..jabki friday aur saturday ko 13 show the..
    jaha tak meri bat hai..mujhe movie acchi lagi..main to movie dekhne ke bad itna confuse TO NAI HU BALIKI THODA CONFUSE hu.
    waise tumhara review bhi bahut ACCHA hai..:(

    sir call karne ko kyo kaha h?
    waise main sallu ka bahut bada fan hu..kahi maine kaha hai ki mujhe movie acchi nahi lagi hai is bat ke liye aap thokne ke chakkar me to nahi h..;)
    waise movie me kewal story week h baki sab mast h..expectation jyade thi na isiliye thora bura laga..but ha movie superhit honi chahiye thi..

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