Cry Cry, Itna Cry…

Beautiful. After a so-techno and confusing Robot, A R Rahman does something so simple and almost magical with the ever-so-sweet and innocent tune of cry cry itna cry in Jhootha hi Sahi. The song and the music are no big bang, and all he has done is make something that sounds ‘cute’, arranged some pretty light music and added two sweet voice singers. And the result is a tune that just goes and sits in the ‘to be hummed’ section of one’s mind. I love it.

Though, what I don’t love in the song is the try-too-hard lyrics of the song. In order to keep the rhyming, Abbas Tyrewalla, who is lyricist for the movie too, has added almost any word, way too unnecessarily at times. For example, the lines with chaanta and kaanta have no absolutely nothing to do with each other and the kaanta line almost breaks the entire flow of the talk, but he’s put it there to rhyme. Again, raatein and baatein are made to rhyme with an non-existent word haalaatein. Frankly, Haalaat is a plural for haal and there’s no meaning of Haalatein. Rest of the song, it’s all good. Rashid Ali sounds real, while Shreya sounds sooo-sweet.

Here are the lyrics and their meaning.

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  1. Well..its A R Rahman’s composition.So when its him, nothing else is required.His songs has always been unconventional but chart busters, the slowly pick up, so i’m sure this one despite of arbit lyrics will rock.btw the song does sound cute ….sweet n cute no..overall 🙂

  2. A R rehman is just superb .. He is a very talented musician who completely knows how to utilise the others talent .. so as a gr8 music director too.. n i dont think ther should always b a meaning ful lyrics as the song itself rejoice and create sometimes playing with words and create something out fo the box would be appreciated..

  3. @Sidram

    Somehow I disagree with ur support on twisting the words here. Playing with words is ok, as long as u r doing something good, some experimentation, in many places, many times. In fact with Rahman’s albums, it’s such a common thing, be it RDB title (remember ‘to the Mahal of the Taj, to the Kumari of Kanya’, and on top of all ‘Zindabad-Zindagood!’) or masakkali-matakkali, or even chiggy wiggy.. in that way there’s no count..

    But what Abbas has done here, is crap according to me. Not that it takes anything from the music, but the song could have been much better with more meaningful lyrics, cuz what the message of the song is really good.

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