Aakrosh: I say Yes.

When the world was getting blown away with Rahman’s Jhootha hi Sahi, Pritam’s Aakrosh came out too, and it was good to see I was liking the songs even with Call me Dil running in my mind already. Without saying a lot, I start the review.

The album starts with Tere isak se meetha kuch bhi nahi. The Item number sung by Kalpana Patowary with Ajay Jhingaran is quite good and the girl’s voice shines in the very start, though later on the voice sounds a bit pressed under the instruments. Still, one more hit in the list UP-Bihar songs is ready. 🙂

The second song, Saude Bazi by Anupam Amod is a surprise from the first note sung by the chorus. A beautifully arranged composition by Pritam, I felt the song should go a long way, right when I heard it for the first time. Soft, Romantic, with a different voice, and lovely lyrics. What else would one want. Superb.

The next song that talks bad about the heart is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Man ke mat pe mat chaliyo. A song with some whattay-line-man lyrics, is all about its lyrics, even though Pritam’s music is pretty fine and Rahat’s singing is lovable as always. Definitely a yes.

The next song, Shreya Ghoshal sung Sasural Munia is a song with earthy lyrics that sounds more like a remix than a song. Not bad if you’re keeping the stall audiences in mind but not really the music thing. Try if you want.

The next song on the list, Sukhwinder Singh’s Ramkatha comes as a surprise as Pritam keeps things quite in control in a song where minimal music is required. As quite clear by the name, Ramkatha is not really a song, but a rendition right from the filmy-Ramleela. Well arranged, well sung by Sukhwinder, Ramkatha is something you might like to try at least once. Loved the part where Sukhwinder talks of Agni Pareeksha. Do try I’d say.

The last thing I’m going to talk about here is another version of Saude Bazi, called Encore version, sung by Javed Ali. I haven’t checked very keenly, but roughly the arrangement sounds almost the same as in the previous version, while Javed’s plus and minus both are his well known voice. Still, probably this one is more musical. While the first one was more of a ‘new’ thing, especially with Anupam’s voice.

The thing I’ve not talked about, not even heard, are the two remixes of Tere isak se meetha. Overall, the album makes a very good first impression and as you go ahead, it only gets better. Keeping in mind the absence of regular Pritam singers, Mohit and KK and Neeraj Shridhar, the album is a wonderful break by Pritam from his regular albums. A must try thing. I’m all yes.

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  1. I think Atif Aslam (from Pakistan) is not criminal in this case as uslulay vocalist dont know what inspiration is behind a music involved. Only the music director himself is involved in pirating and palgiarising music projects and solely responsible for it. You can listen to music of movies like Gangster, woh Lamhay, Race, Jab we met and many more. Actually it is also the mistake to hire a music arranger for music production. If you people have heard the original version of the song char dino ka piyar oh Rabba’ from movie jannat and yes the pritam version also, you could significantly notice that the same notes played by 82 rockers on guitar, pritam has arranged so nicely that it give the melody a new soul. So as a Music Director I believe Pritam is good music arranger and he is the person who is caught into a wrong job. He should partner with some real innovator and arrange his/her music. Just like Vishaal-Shakher duo, or Shankar-Ahsan-Loy treo. I believe the results would be different.

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