3 years of Blogging

It’s 11th September, 2010. While many are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, many are celebrating Eid too. My best wishes to both. The USA on the other hand, is mourning the 9th anniversary of terrorist attacks. And I realize that I today complete 3 years of almost regular blogging.

I wrote my first post on Blogger on 11th September 2007. I wouldn’t certainly have remembered that if it wasn’t for Google where I still am active with the same account I held three years ago too. And I wouldn’t probably remember it either had the date been anything other than 9/11.

Anyway, now that I know, like always, I’ll see some numbers, and even you will if you’re not too bored and not decide to leave the post.

My first blog was My Big Big World on Blogger, where I wrote exactly 100 posts, both big and small. My first post written on September 11th was about a college ‘reality’ show called Besuregama which was arranged by some of my friends at a very small level, so small that only the 9-10 of us present there enjoyed it. Sadly, I have lost most of the footage of the show, though it was completely captured.

Anyway, after blogging there till July ’08, I shifted to a new blog called ‘Zehreelay‘ and I tell you, the name was more inspired by my reputation in college for my PJs rather than the Rock On song. Again I had some one plus year’s posts (some 75+ posts) there until I started my blog Happysing.

But before that, there was more in between. With Zehreelay, I blogged on musicalised and musicalized about music only with more than 160 posts on the latter. The latter also boasts of some 14k visits till date.

Today, I’m blogging on HappySing, that is this blog, which has some 320 published posts, and BollyMeaning, which I have started some two months ago, which has some 150 posts and gets some 2k+ visits everyday at present.

I just wish I keep writing. Wish me all the best.

लेखक: Harshit

Madman. So-called Computer Engineer. Hindi Music Freak. Hindi Movie Buff. Thinker. Reader. Critic. Blogger. PJist. (bath)room Singer. Madman.

“3 years of Blogging” पर 3 विचार

  1. Although I am not a big fan of music and not frequently visiting this place, but since I have seen you rising through these years and experienced some of your very famous ‘zahreelay’ quote during college days, it gives me immense pleasure to give you my best wishes considering the rocking past you had in the field of blogging.

    Keep going ahead buddy!!
    Wish you lots of luck:)

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