Ten ‘Pop’ songs you shouldn’t miss

‘Pop’ is a genre of music, but for me, it’s been private albums and bands, which made all the ‘pop’ for me in childhood, and I still use the word like that many times. Hence, today I present a list of my favorite ‘pop’ songs, in no particular order, hoping that some of the songs that deserve to be heard reach a few more people.

Tere Naina (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): One song I love like anything. I can listen to this one at any time, anywhere. And I just love it always. Deep, soulful, moving Kailasa.

Kothay Uttay (Saari Raat/ Devika): A song based on Hindustani Classical music as per the album cover of Saari Raat. A piece with some soft beats and lovable music. Barkha Bahar of the same album is a close too.

Meri Tarah (Fitoor/ Mohit Chauhan): It’s difficult choosing one song in this nostalic-ish album of Mohit. My guess is I picked this one for its awesome lyrics, which are again penned by the singing genius himself. A soft, lovable one in that super voice.

Har Jagah mein (Tu hi mere Rab ki tarah hai/ Mithoon): Mithoon’s album never made it big, but there were some good song in the debut album of this little master of music and this one is probably one of them. I’d say a typical Mithoon song with him at his best.

Mann Chandre (Connections/ A R Rahman): A R Rahman. Sukhwinder Singh. And a bit-sad, bit-philosphical, punjabi song. Do I need to say more? I guess not. Still I’d say, listen to the awesome chorus in the song. Rahman is not one who uses a chorus too much, but when he does, the effect is something like you can see here.

Mehfooz (Mehfooz/ Euphoria): Euphoria at its best is not always euphoric. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it cries out loud. Mehfooz might not be the top selling album of the band but the title song of the album is as deep and touching as any of their best hits. At par with mayeri and ab na ja, mehfooz is something to cherish forever.

Rain bhai kaari kaari (Humsafar/ KK): I don’t know what I should call this song, but it’s like a mix of somewhat classical stuff with some rock mood. KK, in his album Humsafar, sings this wonderful song called rain bhai kaari kaari din ujiyara. All I’d say is, listen to it, at least once.

Kaise jiye hain hum (Maheroo/ Jojo): I remembered Jojo for that mad song called Woh Kaun thi since my childhood, and then there was Maheroo, his other album after a long time. Hoping for a great album, I did listen to the whole album. Well, album wasn’t all that great but there was a song that I completely fell in love with. Kaise Jiye hain hum. A nostalgic song from someone destroyed in love (line copied from Fanaa), it has a nostalgia mix too, with the sound of a train. Interestingly, the mix is worth a try too.

Saiyyan (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): Another song of the best of Kailash Kher. Came after Teri Deewani. Though popular, the song couldn’t do so well as Teri Deewani, but I think I love this one more. Only two words for the song – Kailash Kher.

Door Kahin (Nine): I hope you reach the end of this post, because Door kahin of Pankaj Awasthi is not only a favorite of mine, it’s different too. It’s a romantic song, with lyrics deep dpwn in romanticism, but it’s nothing like a typical romantic song. A wonderful thing to listen to.

Just do tell me if you like the songs. And also if u don’t.

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  1. nice list dude 😀 especially loving Mann Chandre and Saiyyan up there.

    I’d say, one of my moooost favorite and possibly most listened would be “Le Ja Le Ja” by Shreya Ghoshal and Ustad Sultan Khan.

    not exactly ‘poppy’ in genre, but it goes under that category when buying I think.

  2. thanks for awesome article..
    kuch song aur bhi hai jinhe hum is list me add kar sakte hai..
    for eg(for me pop songs means non filmi album)..
    1-Phir dhoom tittle-Euphoria.
    2-tu salamat rahe & mehfooz-ek ladki dewani si
    3-ankhon me tera hi chehra & dekha hai teri aankhon me-aryans
    4-deewana,jaan & yaad(almost all songs are good)-sonu nigam
    5-aksar,tanha dil,bhool ja-shaan
    6-angel eyes-raghav
    8-o sanam,gori teri & many more-lucky ali
    9-dil ke tukde hazar hue & aankh hi na roi hai-altaf raza
    10-falguni pathak songs.

    boss plz kuch acche purane albums ke naam suggest karo..;)

  3. @Radhey

    Sirjee aapki list great hai. Btw, I was trying to put songs jo logon ne thode kam sune hain. Sonu Nigam and Lucky Ali are so popular they can fill the whole list alone with their superhit songs. Same for Shaan’s Bhool ja and KK’s pal. If you ask me, I think Pal is probably the best album I know. Yaaron (rockford) and pal are still the best of KK for me, though may be better songs there singing-wise.

    Whatever, thanks for the list. All real awesome songs.

    Purane albums, will try. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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