Music Review – Soch Lo. Consider it.

I didn’t know any such movie existed, but when I started listening to the album, I was stuck on the first song I heard for some 5-6 times. And then, the whole album was a surprise for me. Here is a review.

Dedh inch Oopar is a song written, composed and sung by Charu Moohan who makes a debut here, and a very impressive one at that. The song is a slow, soft, very relaxing kind that makes you feel like you’re relaxing yourself on a beach. A must listen thing.

The next composition of Charu, Faani Dayar is as deep and soulful as relaxing his earlier tune was. A complete contrast to Dedh Inch Upar, Faani Dayaar impresses you again. The song has a mix of folk and rock touches and Master Salim has done some seriously good singing here. Good one again.

When Nitish Pires launched his album some three years ago, I liked the title song, but never went ahead and he wasn’t to be seen for quite some time. And now he comes back with his compositions in Soch Lo.

His first composition, Kesara, is something like a Euphoria song, with say ten percent added visibility of rock. The song anyway sounds good. Worth a try.

Nitish’s second composition is Mera Yahan hai kaun which is there in female as well as male versions. Female version, sung by Bianca Gomes is a bit down on instruments and depends more on the beautiful tune and Bianca’s singing. Bianca’s voice sounds kind of fragile, something like that of Anusha Mani, adding something different to the song.

The male version, which is sung by Nitish himself, is a bit more aligned towards rock and which suits his voice pretty well. Though I don’t really get why he sings the title lines in the background. Anyway, another good piece if you like rock. If not, sticking to the female version would be better I guess.

The last song, a composition of Mehboob and sung by him, Save me destiny, is a purely ‘different’ piece again (after dedh inch upar). The song which has a wonderful composition/tune actually but the way it’s arranged is all to see. Don’t get taken away by the title, the song is a completely on ‘desi’ instruments with not much English words. Bad part, it’s a bit difficult to understand the words. Whatever, it’s a must listen thing. With apologies to Anurag and Amit, maybe close to Emosanal Attyachar in the ‘different’ appeal, though I don’t think the song is that attractive or addictive.

The end of the album comes with a fast paced four minute long, kinda espionage-ical, instrumental theme which doesn’t really have much worth mentioning. The album was probably too good for this theme.

Overall, Soch lo is something really worth a consideration. All I’d say is at the very least, give it a try. It has a potential to surprise.

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  1. Thanks for this link. Just listened to the entire soundtrack. Very innovative..different from the regular league, interesting sounds and instrumentation and very innovative style of writing lyrics. My personal favorites after a loop listening (twice over):
    Dedh Inch Ooper (EXCELLENT music and vocals),
    Faani Dayar (Amazing and very Rustic, yet with Rock Favor),
    Mera Yahan Hai Kaun – Male Version (Definitely my MOST favorite – I could relate the most in terms of the feel and the situation of the song.),
    Save Me Destiny (The most innovative in terms of music, lyrics and vocals)

  2. @Harshit: Hahahaha.. I mentioned 4 songs which were my top picks…but Mera Yahan Hai Kaun is the song which I think will be having the maximum longivity for my interest. The above review is not very kind on it…but I lved the track the very first time I watched it on trailers. Love the vocals and the arrangements..very powerful and very moving lyrics, if you ask me. 🙂

    Btw, Hi 5 on liking the album. I am now looking forward to the film. 😀

  3. @Bhavdeep

    I think I was not very kind on Mera Yahan hai Kaun because after the female version, I liked it comparatively a bit less, while I fell for the female version the first time itself.

    But what we agree on is that the album is awesome. At least when no one had much expectations, correct that, any. So keep listening. 🙂

  4. @Harshit:

    Okay.. so on your reply and the thing mentioned in the review above, I did listen to the two songs again. But again..I stand with my choice. Find the male version more powerful for listening and maybe also because of the character of BABA aka FAUJI (played by Sartaj). I like the female version also, but it has a different feel. It is like choosing between the male and female version of JAANEY TU MARA KYA HAI/ JAANEY TU MERI KYA HAI from JAANEY TU YA JAANEY NA. I loved both, but the male version will be more powerful with angst and heartbreak; and female with a powerful with longing and loneliness.

    Nevertheless.. to each his own. 🙂

    But yes, you are so right. No one had any expectation from the album. And it turned out to be – in your words – AWESOME.

    You also keep listening 🙂

    ps: how did you get to know I replied to you? Are you following the news feed of this page? I, for one, just chanced upon to again click on this page from the links on facebook.

  5. @Bhavdeep

    Now that’s strange. But I guess clear now. When you talk of Jaane tu mera kya hai, it reminds me of female version only. So I guess I like female versions better (though I thought I liked the opposite). Anyway, need not think more on that.

    Regarding replying, I keep checking my comments page. So I get to know. That’s the answer if I got you right. 🙂

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