Music Review: Robot: Hindi

Robot, the Hindi version of Rajnikant-Aishwarya’s Enthiran was a much waited album, composed by A R Rahman. Here is a review of the album.

The album starts with O Naye Insaan and you get to know that this Robot is going to be actually robotic. The song anyhow sounds good as Srinivas croons in two almost different voices, doing the awesome work that is done by two people in Tamil and Telugu. The song has a deep electronic effect and you can feel you’re listening to some sci-fi music. The song is mechanical from the very start and the beginning is the most interesting, I’d say addictively so. But the lyrics are too tough and I doubt many people would be able to understand much in the first few times. Khatija, Rahman’s daughter who sings for the first time here, sounds like a child and I guess it’ll take some time before she should come to sing full-fledged.

The second song, Pagal Anukan, or Pyaara tera Gussa bhi, is again filled with scientific words though this one is a romantic number and the way the song goes, it reminds me of Jeans, or say, telephone dhun mein hansne wali, mostly due to lyrics. The song is sung by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal and both of them sound pretty good, a break after the very robotic voice Srinivas gave in the last song. Good one.

Naina Mile, sung by A R Rahman along with Suzanne D’Mello, Lady Kash and Krissy is a very robotic one as Rahman gives his voice the same guitar effect that we once used to see with the voices of Shibani Kashyap and some more people. The song actually starts with a rap which doesn’t sound all that good in the first few times but as you listen to Rahman, the rap that goes in the side, kind of grows on you. Still, not as good as I expect from Rahman.

The next number, a less than three minutes long almost instrumental piece is going to be another thing people would dance themselves out on. A wonderful piece to perform dance on, this one is certainly going to last long, especially with people who like to dance on Hip-Hop.

The next, Arima Arima, which is sung by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam has a good tune. The song is in praise of the robot and talks all the big it can about the robot. Even though this one sounds equally mechanical in the beginning, the song is not all that mechanical and sounds good after you hear it a few times. Certainly good one.

When there is a song in Rahman’s album with all strange lyrics, like Kilimanjaro and MohanJodaro, I expect the song to be good as I think if the words have been worked so hard with, the music must be something really good (as in, why else would they put such strange words, other than to keep the tune they want to, fitting any words in it). And something similar happens with Kilimanjaro. Javed Ali, who sings the song with Chinmayi in all three languages, sings to a wonderful Rahman tune which is not robotic or mechanical, but reminds me of the better albums of Rahman, though it’s not a soulful piece like Roja or something. A full of masti piece you’d like, after taking its own time, which shouldn’t be too much.

Boom Boom Robot, or rather boom boom roboda is the last song of the album, and sounds interesting as soon as the tune of Boom Boom Roboda fits into your mind. The song is sung by Rags, Yogi B, Madhushree, Keerti Sagathia and Tanvi Shah, but Madhushree gets to sing the best of the song and she does it perfectly, making the song all good to ears.

Overall, the very first time you listen to Robot, it’s definitely not the Rahman album you were expecting to listen to. But then, the movie is strange and composing music in line with the story, one cannot expect the music of Roja or Delhi 6 or even Ghajini. The album has a huge effect of electronic sounds and not all will be loving it. But I guess in the line with the story of the movie, Robot’s music should work fine. I’d suggest, listen to the album with an open mind if you’re interested (I take that you are interested enough if you’re reading this whole huge review), and you’ll find some of the songs worthy of an appreciation if not the entire album.

My favorites right now are Arima Arima and O Naye Insaan, while Kilimanjaro and Pagal Anukan follow.

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  1. The very last line by the reviewer – “Id suggest, listen to the album with an open mind if youre interested (I take that you are interested enough if youre reading this whole huge review), and youll find some of the songs worthy of an appreciation if not the entire album.” – is kind of the perfect way to judge any album. I have not heard the hindi songs (apart from the ones in the promos), but did listen tot all the Tamil tracks and loved the Tamil ones. But whenever I will listen to the Hindi tracks, I will do keep the words of the reviewer in my mind, because I did compare the two languages (tamil songs and hinid promos) and felt that hindi is not upto the mark of tamil ones. Thanks reviwer for a nice advice, I will always remember your words before judging anything. 🙂

  2. @Bhavdeep

    Thanks a lot for the long and appreciating comment. Btw, I have heard Tamil too (though I don’t know the language much) and after adding up all the opinions (mine and others’) I guess Tamil is much better than Hindi version. One reason I could instantly see was the ‘translation’ to Hindi. With the tough Hindi words there, the real appeal of the songs is almost gone.

  3. Yes the problem of hindi version is with the lyrics written by swanand kirkire….it is heard to be a little vulgar. He have really disappointed in writing lyrics to the rocking but sophisticated tunes of rahman composed for endhiran…you know the tamil endhiran songs(original) are rocking all over the south india…and have broken many records earlier made by the same trio…. This is what happened when raavan tunes were taken for the raavanan(tamil)lyrics were undigested with the tunes……But hindiwaalon how is the orchestration and background musics? We guarantee ar rahman will never disappoint the entire audience……and we challenge that can any composer except arr do like this….

  4. I’ve listened tamil as well as hindi songs of this album. I do not know tamil at all, but I feel that tamil is better version. I enjoyed the songs almost hundred times in tamil (though I can not understand the meaning of a single word of tamil lyric). The guys who only want to enjoy the music and tune of the songs, I suggest them to listen in tamil. Hindi lyric do not found the proper words that fits in the tune unlike tamil. I think there are so many restrictions while translating the album in other languages. Overall I found this album as a great work in terms of music and subject. ARR rocks.

  5. @Adnan

    I don’t think I know you, or is it that I’m missing your name? Cuz if you’re guaranteeing A R Rahman, I guess you must be someone real big. Ain’t it? 😛

    Take it easy dude. Translation is a tough, VERY tough thing when it comes to translating from poetry to poetry, or verse to verse. And, Swanand Kirkire is one Awesome poet. Also, there isn’t anything that I could find ‘vulgar’ with the album, just to tell you as I guess you haven’t heard it yourself.

    And yes, A R Rahman is a master. But also, with all due to respect to ARR, I don’t think we can say there will be no one better than him. We can have. And we’ll be lucky if we do. 🙂

  6. Hi all,

    Being a multi-lingual, I should be the best person to leave a comment on this album. Having heard the songs in all the three languages,Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, I feel that the album is great Tamil. The notes which Rahman sir chose, initially are apt with Tamil lyrics. Telugu also sounds better.

    I completely agree with Adnan. ARR sir rocks and would continue doing his great job, silling our nights with pleasant music….

    Luv u sir.


  7. ENTHIRAN tamil album rocks……

    This will emerge as the most successful movie album of all times in Tamil… The most successful previous Tamil album is from the same TRIO – Rajni, Shankar & A.R.Rahman (SIVAJI THE BOSS) and Enthiran just like that overcame its sales and is leading by many miles….

    As someone rightly said, the original Tamil lyrics, when transforming into Telugu or Hindi will definitely lose its flavour, but overall the hindi ROBOT album also rocks, it seems….

  8. Rahman has once again delivered…though i am a hindi speaking guy i found the tamil one better…obviously translation is one big reason but naina miley n pagal anukan are as good as their tamil counterparts…overall its a superb album…the music is not conventional but it is in sync with the movie and de beats are superb….
    ENTHIRAN n ROBOT…they both are awesome…two best albums this year

  9. Big disappointment from Rehman. Music is as ordinary as that of Blue. Not a single track has any melody. Lyrics are too complex for nothing (and too much of it). What’s the point? (of Yakking so much). Like Bose Rehman should have stayed with only instrumental if wanted to create techno music.

  10. I feel rahman is challenging the intelligence of music listeners !!! i love this guy !!! he takes indian music to new heights everytime !!! im sure the BG music inthe movie will rock.

    And yes i heard both hindi , tamil and telugu .. Tamil seems to be the best !!! its because the notes were tuned to tamil lyrics !!!

    What happened to ravan in tamil has happened to robot in hindi !!!

    i wish rahmanji chooses a better lyricist next time for bilingual movies or atleast alter the notes slightly to make sure little disappointment is also avoided

  11. Tamil album, mind blowing, hindi robot avergae, expected, converting Tamil into hindi is tough, but who is complaining all the tamil audio CDS are sold out at the outlets and hindi version is not doint to bad, its above average sales. long live ar rahman, god bless you.

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