Madholal Keep Walking: iExpect

So many big things come in small packages. And the next weekend I expect one more such. This small package called Madholal Keep Walking could have a big thing inside.

It’s not really right to set expectations from something even before it has come, but since we do it with movies directed by Karan Johar and produced by Aamir Khan, I guess nothing wrong if I expect something from a lesser known movie too, even though my reasons might not be very strong.

Madholal Keep Walking is hardly a known movie. I don’t know the producer-director, Jai Tank, for whom it’s a first film. I don’t know the band, not even the star cast. But I’ve heard the music, I’ve seen the storyline, and when I searched some more, I got to know that one member of the cast, Subrat Dutta, won the best actor award at the Cairo film festival, while another, Pranay Narayan, has acted in Black Friday before this. All of these make me feel that the movie has something good for sure. Especially the way the music of the film was so good even though coming from all unknown people, it made me expect something from the movie.

As per IMDb, Madholal Keep Walking is the story of a common man with simple dreams and a routine life, who can be found in any corner of the globe, chasing their dreams and hoping to realize them. Madholal Dubey is one of them. On one fateful day everything changes in Madho’s life. He becomes a victim of an unfortunate incident and their dreams go upside down. He gets scared of death and loses all his faith in God and life. The film revolves around how Madholal and family encounter his fears and deceit.

On the whole, I guess while Aashayein should be worth a watch among the six movies releasing on August 27 (as per the information available right now), Madholal Keep Walking should be worth a consideration too.

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