Anjaana Anjaani: Musical Surprise?

Siddharth Anand and Vishal-Shekhar look like in a mood to give some huge surprise with the music of Anjaana Anjaani. After the strange demand of Siddharth, of music being not-good-to-listen-for-the-first-time, there is this soundtrack list which I have got and this too has some surprises in it.

For starters, the album starts with a song sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. Frankly, I don’t remember which was the last album that started like that. The second thing, Vishal Dadlani sings a hopping three out of six songs. Well, personally I’d like Shekhar to sing too, after his bin tere in IHLS, but he’s not there. And yes, as it had to be, Lucky Ali sings yet another song.

As far as release is concerned, I expect the music to be released within this week itself, going by both Nadiadwala and Siddarth’s standard. Here is the soundtrack list.

1. Tere Pyaar Mein (Anjaana Anjaani) Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
2. Dooba Dooba Lucky Ali, Shreya Ghoshal
3. Aao Na Vishal Dadlani
4. Chup Ke Se Shreya Ghoshal
5. Anjaana Anjaani Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan
6. Kab Se Dil Mera Vishal Dadlani
7. Dooba Dooba (Remix) Lucky Ali, Shreya Ghoshal
8. Aao Na (Remix) Vishal Dadlani
9. Chup Ke Se (Remix) Shreya Ghoshal


A comment from Vishal Dadlani (not verfied, again) says: “All of the rubbish printed above, is untrue. Please verify info before publishing it. Thanks- Vishal.”

So there is a very good chance that the soundtrack list put here is made up by someone. Will get to know only when the CD comes in my hand.

Update Again: I guess the list here is wrong but since I’m unable to get any list verified, I’m not gonna put one here until release this time. In fact, right now the list on Wikipedia doesn’t look too reliable too. So Wait for some time.

Update (18th Aug): The track list is out, but now will see you with review only. Wait till 20th August, the day when Anjaana Anjaani’s music releases.

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  1. @Shashank

    I’m not very sure here but my guess is that the soundtrack might be wrong cuz the strange demand of Siddharth is everywhere on the net. Of course I’ve picked all of this on the net only.

    Anyway, the good thing is that I got Vishal Dadlani to comment here. Now what more would a fan want. 🙂

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