Allah ke Banday: The Must Watch Trailer

And here I find something that is compelling enough to make me watch a movie. Allah ke Banday, the acting debut of the movie’s director, is a something that moves you with its trailer itself. A story of two children who are called ‘born killers’, 11 years after they are put into Jail, for murders as can be easily guessed from the trailer. Interestingly, I can see Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni together after long, in a movie that reminds me of Rang De Basanti. And yes, Naseeruddin Shah looks wonderful as always. Here is the trailer.

Author: Harshit

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8 thoughts on “Allah ke Banday: The Must Watch Trailer”

  1. Nice one .. guys watch out for “Jhoota hi sahi” trailer .. that is also exciting and good news is its AR Rehaman music …

    also Have your heard CWG theme song by ARR.

  2. When’s the Music release?

    Can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to Chiritan Bhatt composing (assuming, that the ‘Maula Maula’ track in the background is by him)

  3. Thanks for this trailer

    must be a great movie
    I m going to translate it in french !

    Keep it up Harsh


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