The Magic of KBC

It’s been ten years.

I still remember, when I switched the TV on, a lady had won Rs 40,000, Yes, ‘ F o r t y T h o u s a n d ‘, and she could win 80,000 if she answered this question right. And lose it all, and get just 10,000 if she answered it right. She had some idea but then, how could one risk so much money on just an idea? So she decided to quit. And then Amitabh Bachchan asked him, _____ ji, yadi aapko is sawal ka jawab dena ‘hota’ to aap kya jawab detin?

Lady: Option C. Mohinder Amarnath.

Amitabh Bachchan: Computer ji, ______ ji keh rahi hain ki wo Option C ko lock kartin, batayiye sahi jawab kya hai….. OOoooh, ye sahi jawab hota.

Long sighs everywhere. The lady has a face with a natural expression that is confused whether to be happy or sad. And me? I’m still under the spell. Probably even today as I live the moment again. That was the magic of KBC. Of that legend known as Big B.

And now, KBC is coming back, in its fourth season, with Amitabh once again. As Amitabh whistled the KBC music in the darkness of the same old set during an ad, I was near getting goosebumps. No, I don’t think that the magic will be here again, but surely, it will be a treat to watch Big B once again with all those questions, answers, phone a friend, janta ka poll, fifty-fifty and uh oh, samay samaapt.

If I go back to the time of KBC (now KBC 1), I recall so many things. Of all things I remmeber a fat notebook where I used to write answers for some of the questions. Mostly those beyond the 3,20,000 stage. Not because I thought I could go there (KBC was for 18 plus and I was merely 14) but because I loved knowing it all. KBC first told me about Edwin Lutyens and KBC only told that the southernmost point of India wasn’t Kanyakumari but Indira Point.

well, now it all comes back. At that time I won thousand, sometimes lacs of rupees in many shows. Pretend money of course, because I was not 18. But now, I am 18 and I realize that I don’t know half the things I knew back then. So when the show starts after Indian Idol gets over (that’s my guess since the day I knew it would come on Sony) I think I’ll have to sit back and enjoy with the pretend money again. In any case, I crave for that magic.

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