Lafangey Parindey: Music Review (R Anandh)

It’s strange to see how Yash Raj Films suddenly picked an unknown composer called R Anandh for their new project Lafangey Parindey. Lafangey Parindey is the new movie of Pradeep Sarkar who has made Parineeta and Laaga Chunri mein Daag and this time moves to a totally different genre.

The album starts with a rock-ish title song sung by another newcomer called Rohit Sarkar. The song has a punch feel attached to it and Swanand Kirkire’s lyrics quite help that. Nothing great but the song certainly sounds good as a background in the promos. I think good promotion will make the song popular for at least some time, till the release or so.

The second song of the album is Mohit Chauhan’s Mann Lafanga, which is definitely the high point of the album. Anandh goes on to give Mohit a good tune and his singing has all the necessary and regular effects. In short, the song sounds as good as any running song of Mohit Chauhan. Also, the tune has an oldie feeling to it or maybe it resembles some old song vaguely. Whatever it be, the song sounds good and that is what matters. Go for it.

The next song is Dhatad tatad sung by Monty Sharma’s Saanwariya guy Shail Hada along with Anushka Manchanda. The song has almost no quality, except that it’s chipku. Dhatad Tatad may sound like a tongue twister but actually the term is a tongue sticking one as the music is too simple and repetitive. Also, the music seems vaguely similar to some Amitabh Bachchan movie or maybe some ’90s song. (tumsa koi pyara koi maasoom nahi hai, is it??) Oh yes, in some corners, even this song has good lyrics.

The next in the album comes Nain Parindey sung by Shilpa Rao. This one is a soulful, slow song and Shilpa sounds perfect there. Swanand Kirkire and Shilpa Rao’s big names get Anandh’s equal support in the music department and the result comes out really good even if not great. Another piece of Top quality after Mann Lafangaa.

Rang Daalein is the next song of the album and this time Rock star Suraj Jagan comes up behind the microphone, in his full Rock mode. The song is almost a full fledged rock one, at least in terms of singing while Anandh seems to be in a mood to experiment as he goes out of and then back into rock mode, especially in interludes. The song, like many more good ones, doesn’t sound too good in the start and sounds a bit noisy too but once you grow into the song, you may like it, or even love it. Just do go for it if you are into that new genre in the making — Bollywood Rock.

At the end comes an instrumental, Born to Fly. The instrumental starts well I kinda liked the first half but then the second half gets all background score cum medley. Near the end it the tune starts getting into climax which sounds okay. The last ‘Lafangey Parindey’ probably said by Rohit Sarkar sounds not-too-bad.

O yes, there is a Remix of Mann Lafanga by Joshilay. Not bad, okay.

Overall, Lafangey Parindey tries to get into rock a bit while trying to maintain a balance by keeping two very typical songs (from Mohit and Shilpa), but end of the day the balancing thing doesn’t seem to succeed completely as both the types seem like parts of separate albums. Still, most of the songs are at least above average (except the sticking dhatad tatad) and as a re-debutant, R Anandh does a pretty good job.

In short, I can say, ye saaf kabhi ye gande, lafange parinde..

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