Hello Darling: Music Review (Pritam)

Pritam is something like the name of a national Cricket team. Just like countries have a national team and then a second grade national ‘A’ team for some tours, we have ‘Pritam’s music’ and then ‘Pritam A’s music’ for some movies. This one is Pritam A.

I was wondering if I should even listen to the album but then I thought of Sharman Joshi and Tabu’s Toh Baat Pakki and decided to give it a shot. Here is the result, nothing great.

The album starts with another version of Aa jaane jaan, sung by Akriti Kakkar and Antara Mitra with Javed Jaffrey doing some rapping up. Singers are OK but with so many better versions of the song already around, nobody will know when it came and went.

The next song, Band Baaja, sung by RIcha Sharma, Ritu Pathak and Rana Majumder is among the better songs of the album. The song has is an enjoyable dance number, as almost clear by name. The song literally has a ‘ring’ to it from the very start and sounds good at the very first time, though I don’t think it has a long shelf life.

The next is Sunidhi Chauhan sung Dil to saala Ullu ka pattha hai. No doubt, Sunidhi sings the song well but the tune is just not that good. Or probably it’s mixing. I’m actually trying to find out what’s the major difference between Pritam and Pritam A songs. Anyway, Sunidhi’s singing still keeps the song listenable. By the way, even after Shankar and Ali Zafar’s good sounding ‘good looking ullu da pattha,’ Sunidhi’s ‘dil to saala ullu ka pattha hai’ sounded a bit vulgar to me. Can’t explain why. Okay.

Suzanne De’Mello’s Atthrah baras ki is the next song of the album. The tune is barely OK and I still felt the pieces of tune were picked up from here and there. Only after listening to the song 5-6 times was I able to hum the punch line of the song. Kinda boring.

The last song of the album is Working Girls sung by Shweta Pandit, Ritu Pathak and Priyadarshini. Well, I’m quite hopeless about the album now and don’t know why exactly this song doesn’t sound good to me, though the tune of the song is quite okay. One problem with the song, though, is lyrics, which amount to nothing.

Overall, Hello Darling is an album Pritam doesn’t seem to have cared about and I don’t think people are going to care either. The best thing from the album seems to be the peppy-dance number band baaja, followed by dil to saala. I think that’s all.

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  1. Perfect Review for what otherwise is a completely blunt album. I am a big fan of Pritam and now I might have to consider opening a fan club for your website. The opening line was just brilliant.

    Its actually kind of true Pritam gives a very okay music to low budget flicks and rightly so. His good music can go unnoticed in a bad flick which is obviously not a good thing. All he needs to do is make a judgment call. Best eg. in this case the song Phir Se specially the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan version from Toh baat pakki, Excellent tune and lyrics, still underrated as not many people have heard it. Still even a single Dhoni, Raina or Yuvraj in this second grade team would have worked for the film but hardly any good Music.

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