Saajna (Lamhaa): Mika, Chinmayee

The combination might sound strange to you. But here you see the advent of a new Mika Singh, at least for one song. And that’s the other version of Lamhaa’s already hit song, Madhno. The Mika version.

More than anything else, the song comes as a surprise as Mika sings for Mithoon with Chinmayee. The surprise comes as a pleasant one as Mika renders the song quite good and well in control and doesn’t go mad anywhere. The way he ends his Saajnaa sounds like a usual ‘singer’ and you really wonder if it’s him. But then, the voice is almost unmistakable.

Chinmayee is as good in this version too as in the other one. The other difference of the two versions is that this one has lyrics completely in Hindi.

लेखक: Harshit

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