Milenge Milenge: Music Review

This is something rare. The music is out, but then I couldn’t find the CDs as yet, neither the music was there on Nokia Music Store, so I couldn’t buy it from there either. And then, it wasn’t there for free download. So I’m writing a review based on the 30 seconds Preview tracks I could find.

The first track of the album is a well known, typical Himesh Reshammiya thing, Kuch to baaki hai. The song is a slow, nostalgic, painful one, something like Humko Deewana kar gaye title track. Not bad, at least after a long break as I haven’t heard this type of a song for quite some time now.

The second song, Milenge Milenge, is sung by Alka Yagnik and Jayesh Gandhi while another version is reportedly sung by Himesh Reshammiya and Shreya Ghoshal. The song is kinda old again belonging to the ‘Kyonki’ (remember that Kareena Kapoor-Salman Khan film?) age. The background sounds try to add to a nostalgic effect but the result isn’t much success. Sounds like an average song with slight touch of Himesh Reshammiya. Interestingly, Himesh’s own version of the song sounds a bit more interesting as Himesh (I guess it’s him) sings the song quite noiselessly and noselessly.

The third song of the album is Tum Chain ho, sung by Sonu Nigam, Alka and Suzanne D’Mello. The song is a slow, soft number and sounds soothing even in the 30 seconds. Quite hopeful from the song though it sounds a bit aged. Sonu Nigam in his typical soothing soft voice makes this one certainly worth a try and buy.

Btw, do you think Rahat Fateh Ali Khan wasn’t singing for us ten years ago? He was. Or so it feels when you hear ‘ishq ki galee‘ sung by him in Milenge Milenge. Rahat just sings his second song for Himesh Reshammiya after Namaste London and this one is nothing like Main Jahan Rahoon for sure. The song sounds something like a Nadeem-Shravan tune, at least from the preview, reminding me of Dulhe ka Sehra as Rahat sings so much like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Btw, I’d not suggest you to keep the thing in mind because at least as of now, the song doesn’t seem anything close to the old one.

The surprise for me was Hare Kaanch ki choodiyaan. I was expecting the least from the song as it has only one version, sung by Alka Yagnik. But the song is more than that as Alka renders the wonderfully simple lyrics ‘pehne tere naam ki, radha ho gayi shyaam ki,’ on a simple and catchy tune. While the higher notes of the song remind me of older songs, say of early ’90s or something, the beat-based part is total catchy and the overall mixed effect is quite good. Nothing really new, but likeable.

Besides this, the album has typical Himesh style remixes, especially of Kuch to Baaki hai. And frankly, after such a long break from that Himesh-mania on dance floors, these remixes are at least okay with me. In fact I am kind of liking them.

Another thing worth mentioning besides the remixes is the Unplugged version of Tum Chain ho. While the original song sounds good, the unplugged version sung by Vineet Singh sounds even more awesome. A total surprise with some superb singing by the guy.

Overall, Milenge Milenge is quite expectedly old but at the same time good. Himesh Reshammiya has given his ‘touch’ to the album but not made it a noise of his own. Sonu and Alka seem to be doing good in the album, Alka after a long time I guess. Rahat is not bad either. My guess is that for the first few times you might find the songs a bit old and not-so-good, but in due time, you will probably like the songs. At least quite a few of them.

I’d say, a bit below expectations, but above average.

My Picks: Tum Chain ho Unplugged, Ishq ki Galee, Hare Kaanch ki Choodiyaan, Kuch to Baaki hai.

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  1. Himesh Music is really good and wow he is not nasal this time..i love tittle song himesh version because he is not nasal this time,kuch to baki hai because good lyrics(although singing is nasal) and tu chain hai mera(unplugged and sonu both version). Other songs are just average..and yes unplugged version is really mindblowing..

    Boss ab tumne song pure sun liye honge to kya kisi song ke bare me opinion change hui hai..?
    Waise itni jaldi kya thi?…main nahi samjh pa raha hu;)
    bro kya tumhe ye malum hai ki tanhaiyann bhi milenge-milenge ka hi song tha jise himesh ne aap ka surur ke liye le liya tha..

  2. i cant believe u just wrote the review based on the 30 sec previews only, btw the new redesigned songs came out yesterday only , the ones which were out on net were the old versions , the new versions are re recorded and are different in orchestrisation.

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