Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more

Well, as I said, Mithoon is back with Lamhaa. And here is the first song of the album, out there. Sung by Mithoon (as far as I can guess) and Chinmayee (as per sources), madhno re is an instantly likable song. The best part of the song is that it is Mithoon’s type, it’s good, but it doesn’t sound repetitive. In short, I am loving the song already, check it for yourself.

Here are the lyrics of the song, the last part here looks like Dogri/Kashmiri as it sounds a bit close to Urdu. Lyrics of the may not be fully correct. Corrections, if any, are invited.

hai dil ko teri aarzoo
par main tujhe na paa sakoon
main hoon shab tu subah
dono jud ke juda
madhno re..

tu hi to har pal bandha hai
lamhon ki in zanjeeron mein
teri hi to hai khushboo mujhmein haan
ab tu hi to harsoon har jagah

baksas sishab sa subah
meelat dashwar juda
madno re..
mahiya ve..

1. The song is sung by one of Mithoon’s favorites, Kshitij Tarey, with Chinmayee.
2. As per readers, madhno means Saajna itself, the word used in Mika version.

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46 thoughts on “Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more”

  1. I just loved the way he says the words madno..

    This is a wonderful song and of course Bipasha is just looking out of the world. Just beautiful

  2. I want to correct the lyrics after “tu hi to harsoon har jagah”…… The correct lyrics after the said line is, “che chak shab be subah, meelith dushwai juda… . . . .madhno….mashuko….dilbaro”

  3. itz a beautiful song….hey guyz i guess itz sung by rahat fateh ali khan….n yaa it has got kashmiri lyrics in it….beautiful song…..lub it….

  4. Absolutely……….Kareena,Dia Mirza would have been beeter options.Katrina Kaif would have been a fabulous choice.

  5. But above all I like the song Madno.It sounds fantastic and the beautiful Nishat Garden and Dal lake in the background adds magic.

    I feel really proud to be from such a beautiful place.

  6. this song is amazing..always been a fan of mithoon’s music and kshitij’s voice, chinmayee is just a fantastic accompaniment…awesome,haunting appeal to this song like Javeda Zindagi from Anwar, thats another HOT favourite of mine, Kshitij and shilpa rocked that song beautifully….

    love the way Kshitij sings the word Madhno,and the chorus, i feel like i’m floating when i listen to this masterpiece!

  7. what a songgg!!!!
    totaly pure n serene
    listning dis song i jst want 2 say “i love you my swthrt”

  8. I love this song…Create Peace, Love, Humanity, Patience, Simply touch heart and soul. I’m in love Mashuko,,,,

    what is the meaning for dilbaro & madonora..

  9. Could some one plz translate the below lines in english/hindi

    Beh chus shab che subah,
    Meelith doshvay juda
    Beh chus lab che dua,
    Meelith doshvay juda…

  10. Anjani the lines as you said
    Beh chus shab che subah,
    Meelith doshvay juda
    Beh chus lab che dua,
    Meelith doshvay juda…

    means::: I am shab you are morning,being together but still we are apart,i am lips ,yu r prayer,milkar bi dono judaa

    its kashmiri..I just lovd the song …wish it cud have been the whole song in Kashmiri

  11. thanks all u people who said the meaning of “madno”.i was finding the meaning of this word…………awesome song…….im loving it……..

  12. Here are the Kashmiri lyrics of the song.

    Beh chus shab che subah,
    Meelith doshvay juda
    Beh chus lab che dua,
    Meelith doshvay juda…

    Which means,

    I am the night and you are morning,
    being together too we are apart,
    i am lips, you are prayer,
    being together too we are apart..

    Main hoon shab tu subah
    Dono jud ke judaa
    Main hoon labh tu dua
    Dono jud ke judaa…

  14. Awesome lyrics….lovely song……..ultimate Music………..every thing is perfect !!!

  15. beautiful song, i love this song too and hear & hear it again. After anwar movie song maula mere maula this song is quite similar.

  16. What an awesome awesome song, fantastic, no random enligsh or cheap one liners in the middle, pure clean endless love in the song.

  17. Beautiful Lyrics. Excellent singing… Puts your mind at ease – does it not? Music and lyrics with singing by Kshitij..

    I really like the kashmiri lyrics:

    Beh chus shab che subah,
    Meelith doshvay juda
    Beh chus lab che dua,
    Meelith doshvay juda…

  18. what an awesome song is this……the way he sang the word
    i can’t explain the feeling the which i feel generally after listening this song……

  19. I loved this song coz this song suit for my love story…………
    Hai dil ko teri arzoo
    par maine tujhe na pa sakoon
    hai dil ko teri justaju
    par main tujhe na pa sakoon………….

  20. awsm song!!! kyu dil ko dukhana bewajah phir aansoo bahana ek dafa very heart touching lines…..i just love kashmiri language….

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