Krantiveer (new): Music Review (Sachin-Jigar)

Sachin-Jigar, the guys who gave some wonderful music in Satish kaushik’s Teree Sang, are back. This time the movie they have got looks even smaller and useless at the same time. But then, movies don’t always decide how the music would be, and so, there are some good things sachin-Jigar have come up with.

The album opens with Khuda mere Khuda, sung by KK and Shreya Ghoshal, which is definitely good, the best of the album, and can be easily found on the TV. Though I don’t guarantee you can watch the video. So my suggestion is, get the music alone, without visuals. A typical KK song. With good music and some little, interesting effects by composers Sachin-Jigar.

Chhote tera birthday aaya, the next song of the album, as can be guessed from the title of the song itself, not meant to be long term. Talking of short-terms/movie-specific things, I’d say the music of the song is not too catchy. Sachin-Jigar have roped in good singers who try to help the average composition and the result is something that could do had the movie been good. But with the movie it is, the song is bound to be lost.

The third song of the album is Vande Mataram, just by name. The song sung by Jigar (one of the composer duo) is actually something between Rock and Hip Hop and vaguely reminds me of Rann. A good attempt but I don’t know how much the song fits into its lyrics. Still, with good picturization, the song can do well.

The next song of the album is Anushka. I mean, Anushka’s Firangi Paani. The item number from the very first word, Firangi Paani has some good-for-the-song lyrics and Anushka sings the song pretty, pretty well. The additional voices sound real. In short, here comes another good one. Go for it at least once if you like item numbers. And do that before you watch the video, cuz I feel there is a risk of video not being as good as the song.

Overall, Krantiveer is an above expectations album with two good songs. Especially if you see a promo and the actors on mute, you are definitely not going to bother about the album. But it’s worth bothering once. For Khuda mere Khuda at least.

For Sachin-Jigar, good work guys. But you need to go much higher.

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