Kajraare: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya)

Himesh Reshammiya is back. On and off the screen. I mean, he is there, composing, singing, and as they are writing there, acting too. The only thing before starting the review, he’s back in his old mode, in the one before Radio.

Kajraare opens with your very own Kajraare. No, don’t be angry. By your very own I mean like it or not, this song is going to be there with you. Very, Very Himesh. The only interesting thing in the song is that he has used both western and traditional instruments in the song, if only you can notice that behind Himesh’s voice. If you think you don’t like the song and can keep away from the song, I can only smile.

The second song of the album is again the one you might have heard already on TV, Rabba luck luck luck luck rabba luck barsa. Oops. Who is that in the voice over? Mahesh Bhatt I guess.. Well, whatever, the song is a typical Himesh song again which might easily stick to your tongue and you can be found cursing yourself for humming the song sometime. I won’t say it’s good but Himesh certainly what he’s doing. So not bad.

The third song of Kajraare, Aafreen, is actually one of the best songs of the album. Some good music with Indian traditional instruments and Dholak beats sound pretty good and if you don’t mind Himesh Reshammiya’s voice, the song is definitely worth listening to, and more than once. The slow song
also has Harshdeep Kaur singing near the end for sometime but most of it goes to Himesh only. Good but Himesh’d.

Before you listen to the fourth song of Kajraare, REDUCE VOLUME. Because if you don’t, you may get shocked by the sudden high voice of Himesh Reshammiya in Bhindi-lelo-aalu-lelo-paalak-lelo mode. I don’t know why he does that in the song which runs comparatively much smoother after the literally killing start. Tujhe Dekh ke armaan jaage is a soft number with beats, or something that can be close to it in Himesh’s voice. By the way, the song also has Shreya Ghoshal in there and she sings really soft and sweet in the song. You can listen to the song just for her.

Next comes Teriyaan Meriyaan which has some good, soft, music again. The interludes are really beautiful, especially the Santoor part of them, and the melody is good too. Himesh is nasal but doesn’t keeps his voice comparatively low, not going too high, while chakhne-pakne sound a bit interesting. With some other singer, the song could probably be a real interesting thing. Shreya doesn’t get to sing much of this one.

Wo Lamha Phir se Jeena hai sung by Himesh and Harshdeep is the next song of the album. This one is a beat based, typical song of Himesh Reshammiya that really isn’t ‘good’, to say the least. The melody isn’t bad but then Himesh packs the song with instruments and his voice doesn’t help much. I wonder if the song could have done well in the Himesh era but for now, chances are almost negligible, mostly because people not really look interested in his voice.

The last song of the album is again a traditional type, dholak based, and nose-talgic Sanu Guzra Zamana yaad aa gaya. Frankly, the song is good and the music is definitely worth listening to, and had anybody else sung the song, it would have been a hit for sure. In fact, the song doesn’t sound that bad to me with Himesh even but on a few points he just goes too nasal. Another Himesh’d, but good song. Btw, we have Sunidhi here too, if that matters.

Overall, Kajraare is totally a Himesh Reshammiya album where he sings from his nose almost everywhere. Still, if you don’t mind his voice for some good songs, go for Aafreen and Sanu Guzra Zamana. Teriyaan Meriyaan sounds okay too while Tujhe dekh ke armaan jaage has some really beautiful parts sung by Shreya.

In even more short, the Himesbhai is back. Be happy if you’re a fan. Beware else.

लेखक: Harshit

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  1. Awesome Review…. Superlike!! So far I have read only biased reviews .. either bashing his music or Completely taking it over the mountain.. Completely agree with your each and every view about the song and that line , Bhindi lelo-Aaloo lelo Mode…. hahahahaha.. I too got a shock on the first listen…. He has highly underutilized talents like Shreya and Sunidhi and as usual over-utilized himself.. Just for the sake of it please give some other male singers and some other better lyricist a chance.. Due to his repetitiveness His some of the Awesome Soundtracks like Aafreen and Saanu guzraa Zamaana Sound like Same old wine in a new bottle…. and His pronunciation of some hindi words… Yuk..Specially destroying Aafreen with his nasal Tauuuumse akhiyaan ladaai haaainnn!!!

  2. and Rabaa luck barsaa sounded so cool until he did Rabba-luck-luck-luck-luck…. a pointless Rehash from shaka – lak-lak-lak shakalaka boom boom… and in the title song the music is Awesome… And repeating the chorus like a million times doesnt help … And sunidhi rapping… wow… No way maan!! did he forget hard kaur and to keep or check on his english vocabulary limits or what??!!

  3. I have been a huge Himesh fan..but saorry to say that kajrare doesnt moves me..it doesnt have anything new in it..I felt some of the songs Himesh would have not sung..one expects new things in Himesh music especially if it comes once in a year..but double thumbs down to Himesh for kajrare..two in a row after radio bumped..

  4. i think music and lyrix both are very good but himesh singing is not up to the mark…agar nasal singing na hoti to ye album is year ka best hota…well my fev are Rabba Luck barsa,Sanu gujra jamana,Afreen & Wo lamha phir se jeena hai..
    but yes himesh is backkkk…;)

  5. @Ankit

    On such a long comment, I can only say thanks. 🙂


    Kajraare has nothing new. Agree. But regarding Radio, I’d say I pretty much liked it.


    Well, best to nahi but one of the best was possible. If only Himesh Reshammiya uses more of his mind n does things like other composers. If he gets a song for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and another for Sonu Nigam, and like that, things could be much better. Hoping from Milenge Milenge as it has all these people.

  6. @harshit…mujhe actual problem Kajraare se ye hai ki ek accha album ko himesh ne apne nasal singing se kabad bana diya h..songs ke lyrics aur music to too good hai..nasal singing na hoti to main Aafreen,sanu gujra jamana aur Teriyan meriyan ko mandblowing song kehta but….boss ye song bhi to Radio style ke hi hai then singing ko ye phir se kya ho gaya..
    yaar usne “hai” ki pronunciation “hainnn” kiya hai, kya koi batane wala nahi tha?
    boss songs to atlast puja bhatt ya mahesh bhatt ne hi accept kiya hoga then kyo kiya?…
    waise bro again review is too good specially this line “Bhindi-lelo-aalu-lelo-paalak-lelo mode”…;)
    rabbaa luck barsa aur wo lamha phir se bhi acche song hai bro, mujhe acche lage..
    one more thing milenge-milenge se jyada expect mat karna,atleast himesh ki singing se..waha bhi bhaisahab ne naak laga diya hai..hehe

  7. hmmm. actually baat sahi hai. I think Radio style could have done it all good. and regarding songs accept karna, maybe they wanted it that way only, cuz Radio didn’t work commercially even though it was good. U never know what Mahesh Bhatt thinks..

    Review ke review ke liye thanks.

    aur milenge milenge se ummeed rahegi. I always look for Himesh Reshammiya’s compsitions sung by big people. n Rahat n Sonu should be good. maybe better than just good.

  8. He is definitely back..and with a BANG!! i was really hoping he would stop nasal for good this time,but no! i was wrong. Well “Kajra Kajra Kajra re” is stuck in my head. And the only reason he took Sunidhi in the start so he can me a kind of ‘grand entry ‘ with Kajra Kajra Kajra re. The second song i like is ‘Woh Lamha Fir se Jeena Hain’ It has good drumming that goes well with the lyrics. Again after Rabba Luck Barsa, he has used “luck” in “Woh Lamha..” as well.Why?! I Havent heard the rest of the album,but I will listen to Afreen and Teriyan Meriyan…

    Wish him all the luck for the movie!

  9. kajraare songs r really nice and presents indian music in front of us..
    jisko bhi music ka sense hoga usko kajraare k songs zarur pasand aayenge baki k log yahi kahenge ki ye sirf fans k liye hai…
    himesh rockssss as always

  10. Fantastic Album – Himesh has yet again proved what he is capable of. Rarely do we find a music album with more then 2 good songs. Here we have 6 good songs . Himesh has sung songs very well and those are typical Reshammiya music

  11. I think the review is biased. If you dont like Himesh’s voice its your individual problem. I am a big fan of Himesh and admire that how he improved his singing with sufi touch and he is the alone music composer who is sticking with indian traditional music with great results. I remember Radio’s Damad Ji Angna me Padhare and Teri meri dosti ka Aaasma. Two very different genre songs done in great manner. Kajrare is a great album but if you dont like Himesh’s voice its not for you and please dont review in such a case. Enjoy Himesh’s wonderful songs in the form of Kajrare…………

  12. @Gurudutta

    Of course it’s my problem that I don’t really like to hear words with an additional ‘N’. Regarding the Sufi touch, I’d admire it if he removes his nosy touch from the Sufi n gets back to human style, like he did in Radio.

    Regarding my views on Radio, read Radio’s review. Not this one. In short, It WAS a real good album n I loved it.

    Last of all, if u think I m not capable of writing reviews, please switch to some other site. After all, if Himesh can’t stop singing cuz I say, Why should I stop writing cuz u say?

    Thanks for the comment though. 🙂

  13. @harshit…bro cool!!!
    you dont need to react like this..everyone have their own view and i think you have to respect their views..
    yaar ye to hum indians ke khoon me hai ki hamare mann jaisi chije na ho to hum dusro ko blame karne lagte hai..
    waise main bhi himesh ka fan hu aur kajraare mujhe bhi acchi lagi..but haa mujhe bhi nasal singing se problem hai..

  14. Yaar Mujhe koi tumse personal problem nahi hai. I am just saying ki Himesh is a good singer and few songs of Kajrare he sung without Nazel touch. But “woh lamha fir se” is too much Nazel. Actually these artists are great business sense so this time a blend of nazel and non nazel is presented. Last time it was absolutely without nazel so it was liked by few of the people.
    I was just asking that discussion about nazel is quite old now. now the new point of discussion is how great he can compose and when he stops to play as an actor with such bullshit hairstyle.

  15. Sanu gujra jamana is a great composition and even the singing is not bad, think yar very rare albums these days has such a number of good songs. This is the time of bad era in the music. After the demise of JATIN LALIT Jodi only Himesh is using indian instruments in such a great extent. Even Jatin Lalit was more of Congo Bongo Guitar and Piano but their music was smooth and sole touching. Slow and soft music is now no more except a few ones….

    Thanks to Himesh. Do more and please take other singers also as you did previously. Album becomes heavy even you are singing well. People need variety in album. Album must be for everybody not only for “Big Fans”.

  16. Hey………… I loved your word that you guessed very correctly………… BHINDI LE LO AALU LE LO>> Mode…….
    Great yar. Keep writing Brother I appreciate. It was just my suggestion to make your review supported with disclaimers. Otherwise it seems like a comment which we are doing after reading the review. Hey vaise kitne logo ne CD purchase ki…….. Music will die by 320 kbps vbr torrent downloads……..

  17. I liked almost all songs from the album

    definitely everyone will like the titele track & Raabba Luck Barsa…
    But i also liked afrin,Teriyan Meriyan and also Wo lamha phir se jeena hai.

    So Himesh Bhai rocksss…
    I also have lot of expectations from the movie as it is a Mahesh Bhatt movie…

  18. accha yaad dilaya dost song radio ke pehle ke hi hai..maine bhi bollywood hungama par ek video dekha jisme himesh ne kaha hai ki meri 3 movie complete ho gayi hai aur radio ki 10 % shooting bachi hai..that means ye radio ke bahut pehle ke song hai..
    aur harshit milenge-milenge bhi aap ka surur ke waqt ki movie hai so usme bhi nasal singing hogi..tanhaiyan, milenge-milenge ka song tha jise himesh ne aap ka surur me use kiya tha..aur haa sonu nigam ke song bhi isi wajah se milenge-milenge me hai kyoki song pehle ke record hue hai ,ab to shayad ye sath me kam nahi karenge..;)

  19. I love the songs of KAJRAARE…….The awesome typical indian music……no other composer can make a whole album using indian beats……awesome, mindblowing….
    songs like woh lamha phir se jeena hai, aafreen, kajraare, saanu gujra.. are absolute spoton……

  20. i think the reviews given above are 50 percent correct for me
    u r saying that woh lamha song is outdated for today’s generation
    i think a fully blockbuster album for all music lovers n u say aaloo lelo n all so i think it’s himesh’s USP …….

  21. I am a big fan of Himesh. I think music of kajraare is very good.
    Lyrics written by Sameer are awesome and Himesh sang all of them with great feeling.
    As every body is talking about his nasal sound, it is a god gift to him, every body have some god gifted quality.
    You know he is the only singer who had given 27 hits in a year.
    I don’t want to comment about his acting.

  22. Himesh has done a wonderful job in kajrare…the songs are well blended…may be after repeatative hearing u all may change the notion of reshammiya over dose.. u vl definitely lyk the album… this is the work that bollywood deserved frm reshammiya and he has done it again and again…
    jai mata di.. jai hindustan….


  24. Hey fucker you write negative things about himesh with his voice. Whatever he sung s its gonna hit for shore if you dont agree watch youtube and other sites he s a creative man and again dont blame you sucks asshole. .nothing know about himesh and just listen any 2 normal songs and talk too much about him. He is more better than boring rehaman . .

  25. Hey fucker you write negative things about himesh with his voice. Whatever he sung s its gonna hit for shore if you dont agree watch youtube and other sites he s a creative man and again dont blame you sucks asshole. .nothing know about himesh and just listen any 2 normal songs and talk too much about him. He is more better than boring rehaman . .

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