Nium Nium – A New Day, Laya Project Remixed (EarthSync)

When I heard their music for the first time, I knew EarthSync had some real awesome music with them. I told them that and soon they asked me to review a few tracks. Believe me, it took me the longest ever to review even one track. Because I never knew how to review something that was so beyond me that I could only ‘feel’ it.

Still, I am trying to explain here how their tracks have affected me. I think that can be counted as a review because their words are not in my language and something like analyzing their instruments will hardly be able to give you any idea of its goodness.

So here I talk about the track called Nium Nium, a track that is foot-tapping but at the same time soul-touching too. Nium Nium is actually a slow track with some Caribbean kind of beats running in the background, resulting in a song that gives u a kind of nostalgic feel, of remembering those good times. Interestingly for me, as I listened to the track more and more, the beats kept on becoming more and more part of background and the track was more a soul-toucher every time I listened to it.

Go for it if the boundaries of music aren’t decided by language for you.

EarthSync's music can be downloaded from their website

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