Bheegi si Bhaagi si: Raajneeti

Is It Shreya Ghoshal? No. Antara Mitra.

Well, this is all that was running in my mind when I heard this song called Bheegi si, bhaagi si. I still don’t remember bheegi si bhaagi si reminds me of which song sung by Shreya Ghoshal, but I was certainly surprised to know that This one was sung by Antara Mitra. Oops! I know that name. From that Tabu movie with Pritam, Toh Baat Pakki. She had sung a really small, but awesome piece of Aarti, without music. And I was in love with that voice. And the voice is here.

Okay. Back to the song. The song in question reminds me of some Pritam song, or maybe some Shantanu Moitra song, but then I can’t remember which one. To decide the type, I think it’s something like Billu Barber’s Khudaya Khair, but the song is different from that. Leaving similarities apart, I think the song is quite catchy, foot-tapping and likeable. Try this one.

Btw, with this one song, I think I can say that Antara Mitra is here, to increase the competition in the already tough world of singers. Let’s see where she goes. I’m hopeful.

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  1. Correction Dude… ITS PRITAMs Composition not Wayne Sharp….. Wayne Sharp has composed Dhan dhan Dharti only…. U can check the CD cover…. and BTW I also thought it was shreya ghoshal on the first hearing… still its composition has Pritam written all over it…

  2. Yes, it’s Pritam composition or should I say Pritam’s arrangement. As in any Pritam’s song you could be sure, it wasn’t his real composition, he just copied some other people’s songs, rearranged and mixed them up with different musical background, different singer and different lyrics. I’ms sure I have heard the part sung by Antara Mitra somewhere, but I couldn’t remember from which song. But the first part sung by the guy definitely comes from Indonesian band Peterpan’s song “Jauh Mimpiku”. It’s from their third album OST. Alexandria (released 2005), from where Pritam copied “Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai” and “Aao Milo Chalo”.

  3. idiot that gal sang supaaa coooll…. she is new but sounds so prof. the way she said ‘ haan hain ” is soooo sexy manh!! i love pritam s music … love watever he does… he is the one savier of bollywood music indstry .. frm last 2 -3 yrs.. {lets not count a.r he is only making money and nt music now a days}pritam is the the one… mohit and antra is very good wit the song..

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