Raavan: Music Review

maaguvanjalo.. aagubenjaaaalo…
a aen aen aen e eo.. a aen aen aen e eo..

Got what is that? Start of a good album, and a wonderful song. The album is called Raavan, and the song is, yes, you get that. Beeera. Beera, beera beera beera, beera beera beera beera beera, beera ke dus maathe, beera ke sau naam, chhede jo beera ko, dhama dham dham dham. If there was anything that could ever be compared to beera, it was probably Omkara, but seems Omkara also stays behind beera when it comes to being musical.

arre beera uthti aandhi, beera ek toofaan, saans mein ugle agni jalti jaan jalti jaan beera..
Janm na poochho, jaat na poochho, poochho jo pehchaan beera ka abhimaan hai abhimaan hai abhimaan hai.. Beera..

So u know what we are talking in Beera. Now, though it is difficult to do, we move ahead of Beera n see what lies ahead. The next is Karthik’s behne de, a lyrical feat by Gulzar. But the lines of the song are so long that Rahman, probably in a try to keep the lines intact, lets the song go bland in some places. The song has a good melody that will be liked by anyone who listens to the song enough number of times, but it’s certainly not a song that strikes you immediately, at least not until you devote yourself to hear the lyrics of the song. A horse for longer races, not recommended for 100 meters.

Thok de Killi, the next one, is my favourite yet, not counting Beera which has been there for weeks. The song sung by Sukhwinder Singh along with am’nico sounds like a full-of-masti war-cry. It’s full of circling melodies and the Gulzar’s long lyrics are sung such that they sound like a tongue-twisting maze for the first few times. Only when you master those mazes will you be able to enjoy the song with all your heart but it is likeable from the very first time you hear it.

The next song of the album, Raanjha Raanjha, is a slow one. Instead of saying more about the song, I’d prefer to tell you that the song is sung by Rekha Bharadwaj and suits her voice perfectly. Though the song is quite good, somehow Javed Ali with Rekha Bharadwaj may take some time to digest as Javed Ali seems too polished, straight and simple, with the earthy voice of Rekha, if you understand what I mean. In case you don’t, simply go for the song anyway.

Khili re. That’s the next song of the album that started with Beera beera. Frankly, I’m writing this because it seems that I need to remind myself of this fact after listening to the ever-so-slow-smooth-and-touchy song after that warlike start. A gem.

the last song of Raavan is Kata kata bechara bakra. Strange things: Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi and Kunal Ganjawala. The set of the three I mean. Also, interestingly, Kunal doesn’t sound much like himself and sounds like one from Rahman’s own men. Anyway, the song doesn’t sound all that good to me. Ila Arun sounds fun but the song is not so fun as I had expected. A not-so-good end to the good album.

Overall, Raavan is good. We don’t have all that variety in the album but in quality makes up for the variety most of the times. Beera is exceptionally beautiful (maybe I’m biased) and Thok de Killi is awesome. Regarding the CD, I could suggest buying the album for Beera alone. Rest is yours to decide.

लेखक: Harshit

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  1. I’m loving this album right now. As expected, the songs take more than one listen to get into, but once it happens, all songs sound amaaazing. Except Beera, though, because I loved the song from just the trailer, pretty much. Am beginning to really like Ranjha Ranjha and Behene De.
    I’m so happy that ARR came up with this album after Blue! Though Blue was a pretty good album, it was noothing compared to the other stuff ARR is capable of creating.

  2. Interesting review…..but remember the album is good and all songs are great….ARR is also experimenting a lot with his music and all songs will not seem great on listening for the first time….it takes time for the music to grow.

    We also have to wait for the Film to release as ARR composes generally according to the situation in the film….

    Hence we need to be patient to appreciate the music…

  3. Excellent review harshit..
    I heard entire album. Two ultimate fantastic songs Bahne De and Ranjha(Best song) . One very good song Beera(Quite energetic but a bit short) , One Good song Khili (Bit slow) , Two situational compositions Thok De Killi & Katta Katta
    Overall i am satisfied and can easily count this album as one of rahmans best.

  4. Hey !!! this is the first time I’m writing on Happy sing !! glad to do that as i regularly follow harshit reviews.

    I think it a overall a nice album.

    Somehow I found “Katta Katta very” intresting. Specially line “kanya ko bulao”

    Beera is awesome.Start liking it at very moment it hit with promos.Excellent song.

    Raanjha Raanjha and Khili re : More you listen them more u love them.(C’mon is Rehman music)

    Behne de its also good but at some instances it sounds like a song from Sathiya.

    Thok de Killi is different and sukhvinder voice make it special.


  5. @Shashank n Many Others

    What I mean to say about Kata Kata is that I didn’t find the song long lasting. Of course none of Rahman’s compositions are trash, to say the least. Just that I feel that the USP of Kata Kata is only it’s ‘interesting’ part and I expect the song to make a really interesting video. But it doesn’t seem lasting stuff to me unlike Behne de, Raanjha, or Khili re.

  6. thanks harshit for you compliment…waise ye tumse hi sikha hai..
    harshit ab main tumhare reviews par blindly trust karne laga hu.. mere paas itna waqt nahi hota hai ki sare albums ke songs ko sun saku..so tumhare review ko padhke decide karta hu ki kaun se song sunne chahiye..for ex -main swaha ke songs kabhi kosish bhi nahi karta sunne ki but tumne apne review me barbadiyan(k.k.) ki tarif ki thi, so kewal maine usi song ko download kiya…aur yakeen mano song accha hai…keep it up …

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