Chase: Music Review (Sajid-Wajid, Udbhav Ojha, Vijay Verma)

Chase starts with Get Set Go, sung by Wajid. The song sounds like something between Pop genre n Bang Bang genre and is certainly avoidable but bearable in emergency situations or too small durations, like ten seconds or so. Frankly speaking, if only Wajid had the sung the song in his normal voice, it could be passable, but in it’s current situation, I would expect you not to even try the song.

Shaam ki. Shaan & Shreya Ghoshal. The song, composed by Vijay Verma, starts with a good melody which suddenly falls flat like that ’90s song of Govinda at the last line ‘yoon lage mujhe tera pata batate hain.’ Had the line not been there in the song, it was certainly worth listening too. Maybe even among recommended.

The third and final original song of this fortunately small album is Ankahi si by Vasudhara Das. This timethe composer for the track, Udbhav Ojha, gets Vasundhara Das to sing the cabaret’ish song. The song is good and Vasundhara has sung it really well. Frankly, the only thing worth listening to in Chase.

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  1. hi there,
    Thanks for your review on the movie called ‘chase’
    just to update your knowledge, that Sajid-Wajid has composed only one song in the movie. The song ‘Ankahi Si’ is composed by me and written by Prashant Vasl sung by Vasundhara Das

  2. @Udbhav

    Sorry for the discrepancy, n thanks for the correction. Frankly, Ankahi si is the best song of the album. So I think my error is big. Since TV ads are showing Sajid-Wajid’s name, I didn’t check. Will correct. Thanks for the visit n correction once again.

  3. No worries Harshit,
    Very less people want to correct themselves.
    I really appreciate your gesture. Thanks for liking the song. Wish me luck and strength to compose more song like this.


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