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Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan has Adnan Sami as its music director. Now while most of the songs of the song are quite usual, Adnan ropes in a lot of singers in what seems like a try to make it look varied. Many of the song can also be found using Adnan’s trademark Tabla/other instruments with restrains, somewhat like in Bheegi Bheegi raaton mein or most songs of Lucky. The only thing I liked in the compositions of Adnan here is that the tunes are mostly melodious and some of his songs are likable even with his typical style’s strong presence.

The album opens with Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal’s Jaadu Nasha Ehsaas Kya, which is completely in Lucky flavor. The song is okay but Adnan’s good orchestration doesn’t affect very positively as it sounds repetitive. Overall, an okay song.

Taaron Bhari hai ye raat is a good composition which Adnan decides to sing himself with Sunidhi Chauhan. The result is a good song that will take some time to be liked. Now whether the movie is going to last that long is a question. Still, a good one from Adnan even though it sounds bit like a ’90s tune.

The next song, Sargoshiyon ke kya silsile hain, starts beautifully as Shreya croons ehsaas khwahishon ka saanson mein mar na jaaye, sadiyaan guzar gayi hain, lamha guzar na jaaye. But then, a beautiful tune again gets Adnan’s repetitive orchestration which works kind of negative for the tune. Still, Raja Hasan’s voice sounds fresh in the song and the melody is worth listening to, as a result of which I do not mind listening to this exceedingly typical Adnan tune too. A real good song, if only it had more fresh instruments in the background.

Dekha tujhe jo pehli baar is finally something new from Adnan, especially because of the way Shaan’s voice is made to sound prominent and above all instruments. Good tune. Even better singing. Certainly worth a try for it’s light fusion behind Shaan’s superb voice.

Manmauji Matwala starts with hurrrr, chak de, and hadippa (I don’t mean Yashraj movies) by Mika. But somehow I get a feel that this tune had potential to be much more than it is made to be. I think Man mauji matwala is a composition that deserved a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and not a Mika, as it’s not that typical dance tune it has been used as. Anyway, the song in it’s present form is likable anyway. Try the song if you’re looking for one more Mika piece; he has tried his best to color the song in his own color.

With the next track, Sona lagda Mahi sona Lagda, Adnan gets more variety and quality to the album as Richa Sharma croons the song with the background vocals from senior Sabri Brothers (Sharib n Toshi should be the junior Sabri Brothers now, isn’t it?). A good song which either fails to make a typical Sufi song or simply doesn’t try to do that. Whatever it is, the result is fresh and sounds good to ears. Liked the song.

The next song, Pehla Pehla Tajurba hai is a good composition sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi, but somehow I did not like the song a lot as it seems that Adnan tries to westernize a melody. Seems Kunal is getting typecast with a certain type of songs and most of his songs are sounding the same recently. Wonder when he will be back to charts.

The last song of the album, Sadiyaan Ve, or Waqt ne jo bij boya as it is credited, is one of the best songs of the album and so Adnan Sami brings Rekha Bharadwaj to sing the song. The song is a good composition and has some good lyrics too, though the difference between Sameer and Gulzar or even Javed Akhtar can be clearly seen and felt. The song is actually the story of a mother’s journey and Rekha sounds perfect for singer.

Overall, Sadiyaan is an above average album by Adnan Sami that could be very good had he tried to keep it fresh. Also some songs are ‘excruciatingly’ long, just like the word. Still, the album has some melody that you may like to hear. If you’re not in a mood to hear the long soundtrack, just try Taaron bhari, Dekha tujhe jo, Sona Lagda and Sadiyaan ve. Not necessarily in that order. ‘Sargoshiyon’, though good, is very Adnan-like but can be tried.

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